Suman Releases ‘Let Go’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Suman rises to the top once again with her new single ‘Let Go’. It is a track which cements the British songwriter deep in the history books, and her quality is awe-inspiring.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, this new single boasts a captivating vocal which leaves an indent. Also, the musical direction is refreshing, given that it delves into a new space with a rhythm which will have you swaying to its nail-biting texture.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ is what I have been craving without realising. Also, it is the start of a new era for Suman. As a result, this fresh approach is undoubtedly going to take her to the masses.

D•SIPAUL Releases ‘It’s No Good’

Words By Max Jordan.

D•SIPAUL rises to the top with his new release ‘It’s No Good’. It is the first track I have come across by D•SIPAUL, and I am still asking myself why? He has a delightful quality, and he stands out for all the right reasons.

‘It’s No Good’ sees the producer team up with vocalist, Freya Alley, Between them they shine like a radiant light and the hard work they have put into this release is paying off tenfold. Furthermore, it all gets underway with an electronic direction with a rising overture which greets a nail-biting rhythm with ease.

Freya then leaps forward with a mesmerising vocal performance. She sings with a heavenly tone, and she leaves an indent with genuine emotion dripping from her every word.

Ashley Lauren Releases ‘Alive’

Words By Max Jordan.

Ashley Lauren is back with her latest release ‘Alive’. It is a track which will grip you instantly with its mesmerising quality and vocal which radiates like a beacon.

Kicking off ‘Alive’ is a gradually increasing piano arrangement before a sublime vocal performance from Ashley. She sings with her heart on her sleeve, and she takes no hostages with her upfront approach to songwriting.

Pushing on with conviction, ‘Alive’ becomes omnipotent quickly with thunderous sounds popping to the forefront of the mix, so much, so it leaves a long-lasting impression.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Unleashes ‘Spiritual Level’

Words By Max Jordan.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson rises to the top of dance-pop with her new single ‘Spiritual Level’.

Combing contemporary pop with a dance foundation, ‘Spiritual Level’ ticks all the boxes for any music fan looking for something just that little bit different.

Vocally, Amanda Marie Wilkinson flies high with a fearless performance. So much so, she radiates like a beacon, and her tone is awe-inspiring. Also, musically, the piece cuts through the rest of the industry noise with a new direction which leaves a long-lasting impression.

WOLFBERRY Set For Release Of ‘Let’s Make Fire’

Words By Ava Jordan.

WOLFBERRY is ready to unleash her latest single ‘Let’s Make Fire’. Furthermore, the singer who hails from Russia cements herself deep into pop with a sound which enthrals from the start.

Combining a modern hook with a nostalgic feel, WOLFBERRY pushes onward with a nail-biting quality. Her vocal is mesmerising, and she hits all the right notes with her resonating with her efficacious lyricism.

Also, the track comes with heaps of energy, and it is going to make fire the moment it comes out on the 30th October, I am sure.

You can take a listen to the new single below. Presave here.

Da Poloman And Sara Alavi Release ‘Lost At First Sight’

Words By Max Jordan.

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have teamed up for one of the most refreshing hip hop releases I have come across in recent times. Between them, they shine like a beaming light, and the quality they display is challenging to criticize.

‘Love At First Sight’ is a track which plucks at the heartstrings. It kicks off with a potent opener with a piano melody gliding through the airwaves with an orchestral arrangement meeting it with piercing quality. We are then with a top-class vocal from Sara Alavi who sings with angelic tone. Da Poloman then rises with a top-class rap which will have you gravitating towards his determination.

The track pushes through the rest of the noise in the industry. Also, it takes us on an adventure from the get-go, and it will have you hooked.

Lydia Singer Is Back

Words By Max Jordan.

Lydia Singer is back with a triumphant fresh delivery, ‘Lemme Know’. It is the type of track which will pick you up and lead you into a realm of feel-good with its contagious quality and a melody which cements itself deep.

Finding influence from a variety of sources, Lydia stands out with authentic character. She comes fresher than a decorators paintbrush, and her vocal is out of this world. For me, she sits close to Ariana Grande on the vocal scale, and it would not surprise me to find that Ariana plays a significant influence on her music style.

Musically, ‘Lemme Know’ is impressive. A myriad of sounds appear as it progresses, and the beat is potent, and the synth lead line is majestic.


LZYBY Smashes It With ‘Frustration’

Words by Max Jordan.

LZYBY is flying forward with his new release ‘Frustration’. It is the type of track which will kick you from your chair with its feel-good movement and its infectious quality.

The single kicks off as it means to go on with a potent intro lead and a rhythm which will have you tapping along instantly. Vocally, LZYBY sounds on top form with a superb performance. He sings with a precise technique, and although he takes hints from artists who have come before, he still sounds authentic with a healthy delivery.

You can take a listen to ‘Frustration’ by LZYBY below.

Jameel Mason Unleashes Hip Hop Gem

Words By Ava Jordan.

What I love most about Jameel Mason is that he keeps evolving as a musician. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ takes him on a new direction with a sound which you will struggle to locate elsewhere.

‘Quarantine Mami’ speaks for the generation. He sings about a topic which many will relate with and his ability to inspire is captivating. Vocally, Jameel Mason hits all the sweet spots with a vocal which makes him stand out uniquely. I also relish how he sings from his heart with a delivery which gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money.

Taking hints from the greats, Jameel has introduced a new sound of his own. Also, he recruits support from a female vocalist who shines like a beaming light towards the end of the record. Between them both, they unleash a track which is going to be echoing out of hip hop basements for quite some time.

Therefore, grab this one while it is hot! You can take a listen below.

Calboa Smashes It With ‘Admission’

Words By Max Jordan.

‘Admission’ is the latest release from up and coming indie sensation, Calboa. Here, Calboa cements his name even deeper into the indie history books with a track which provides energy and mystique.

Kicking off ‘Admission’ is a guitar intro lead which is delightful. It comes sharp, and it is music to the ears for anyone who loves good old indie guitar hooks. An unorthodox style beat then jumps out, and it leads us into the verse potently.


Vocally, Calboa sounds fantastic. He has developed over the years, and he has blossomed into one of the finest indie musicians of recent times. So much so, I cannot get enough of his track here with a verse and chorus melody which is magnetic.

As the track progresses, we hear a variety of new sounds appearing, and Calboa cleverly mixes things up regularly to keep the fire burning.

You can listen to ‘Admission’ by Calboa below.