Spider Plant, ‘Day In’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Spider Plant, the British electronic songwriter, has given us a present in the form of his new single, ‘Day In.’ It’s the follow-up to the producers’ last work, ‘Welcome,’ which was released earlier in 2022.

The London-based songwriter strikes with ardour on this track, and his quality seeps through immediately. The path is calm and peaceful, and the soundtrack transports us far from our seats. Furthermore, Spider Plant has us completely intrigued, and his musical creation is riveting, leaving us hungry for more when it’s over.

Check it out below. Also, be sure to follow Spider Plant on Instagram here.

More information at https://www.spiderplantmusic.com/.

Photo Credit: Spider Plant.

Kingdumb, ‘Lion In My Heart’

Words By Joey Rochert.

We cannot refuse a vibe, and it is coming from Kingdumb’s latest delivery, ‘Lion In My Heart’. The rapper and producer from the UK are roaring here, and he provides the energy with a sound that stands out instantly!

Motivational with its aura, ‘Lion In My Heart’ is the antidote for all those looking for a kick! It starts with vitality, and the passion does not waiver as Kingdumb progresses through his performance. The beat taps with eagerness, and the synth sounds loop around the mix with pleasing texture!

Lyrically, Kingdumb is a poet, and his story tells us that anything is possible; it is a track about mindset and Kingbumb blazes with his delivery.

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Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Spider Plant, ‘Welcome’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With his latest release, ‘Welcome’, Spider Plant sends a shockwave through the electronic music scene. Also, the new release from the British native is medicine to the ears for those looking for something a little different!

It all gets underway with the sound of rain pelting down outside. A piano arrangement emerges from the mix, accompanied by an electronic digital loop that rattles the speakers in all the right ways. The path is inviting, and Spider Plant keeps us on our toes throughout by introducing a lot of structural shifts as the song advances.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Spider Plant.

Mujinzo, ‘Delhi Station Drift’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Mujinzo, the Australian based musician, uses a unique blend of acoustic and electronic components to create a getaway from current mayhem. He avoids the orthodoxy of contemporary music and instead takes an immediately indenting path.

@ Mujinzo.

‘Delhi Station Drift,’ his latest single off the same-named EP, is a melodic joy, with many structural shifts and styles colliding to create a soundscape unlike any other. The route is memorable, and it ushers him into a new realm, with the EP’s four other tracks solidifying his place in history.

Photo Credit: Mujinzo.

Kingdumb, ‘Fruity’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kingdumb is back, and he drops electronic hooks and hip hop beats like there is no tomorrow. His new EP, ‘Fruity,’ caught our curiosity from the time it arrived in our mailbox, and we’ve been stuck on it ever since!


Each track on this EP exemplifies the level of quality that this producer/songwriter has up his sleeve. His melodies are infectious, and he illustrates why he is one of the most exciting new producers to emerge from the UK in recent years. Also, ‘Fruity,’ is peppy and brings back an old school vibe that should never have departed!

Check it out below.

Artwork Credit: Kingdumb.

The Mad Game, ‘Funny’

Words By Joey Rochert.

The Mad Game are an electronic two-piece whose song “Funny” is pleasing electronic music listeners worldwide. The duo is still in the early stages of their career, and it’s always exciting to hear a track from a band on the verge of something big.

The song’s title suggests that the track is amusing. It is indeed! But not in the form of criticism, considering that the pair appear to have sought this reaction. Furthermore, the noises are frequently humorous, but a serious demeanour emanates from the music, making it an exciting delight for new listeners.

The Mad Game

It begins with a gripping beat rhythm and a strangely throbbing synth drop. It has lost its high frequency and now emits a pleasant glow that is difficult to resist. In addition, a female vocal lead appears in the opening stanza, paving the way for the rest of the song.

The Mad Game cleverly incorporate their own vocals into the mix, which blend well with the primary female lead. Furthermore, the melodies flawlessly complement the beat of the music, resulting in an earworm that you will have a hard time getting out of your head once it ends. The music develops in excitement as well, and just when you think it’s going one way, it reroutes and creates a massive instrumental bridge that would shake speakers at even the most prominent festivals.

Photo Credit: The Mad Game.

Roberto Bates, ‘Fire Walk With Me’

Words By Max Jordan.

German-based Roberto Bates is back, and he sounds as potent as ever with his new EDM release ‘Fire Walk With Me’.

The track features vocalist VIOLA, and between them, they smash through the industry noise with vigour. The flow is captivating with a soundscape that grips like a bikers mitt. It finds influence from 80’s gems, but it does not sound like a replica of anything which has come before.

Soaked in ethereal synth hooks, ‘Fire Walk With Me’ drives with passion. Also, the vocal from VIOLA is inspirational.

You can take a listen to ‘Fire Walk With Me’ below.

Zipten Drops ‘Midnight Walk’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Zipten is becoming one of my favourite electronic producers. I have been following his journey throughout 2020, and as the year comes to an end, I have to say, Zipten has evolved and grown massively. His talent keeps on giving and his new release ‘Midnight Walk’ is an early Christmas gift.

Kicking off, Zipten takes us to another world with a beat tap which stays away from the norm and a lead hook which meets a funky summer guitar rhythm. The rest is history from this point, and Zipten unleashes the goods like never before.

You can take a listen to ‘Midnight Walk’ by Zipten below.

Zipten Is Back With ‘Volcano Sunset’

Words By Max Jordan.

Zipten rises to the top once again with his latest release ‘Volcano Sunset’.

Bringing warmth to our soul, the producer hits the ball out of the park with a delivery which you will struggle to locate elsewhere. Moreover, ‘Volcano Sunset’ glides high from the get-go and although no words leap out of the mix, a meaning of joy is omnipresent.

As the track progresses, Zipten delves deep into his tool kit, and he returns with a mixture of sounds which give the track unique flavour. Also, towards the latter, the finale drops with colossal effect leaving us itching for another fix.

Zipten Releases ‘Cube Escape’

Words By Max Jordan.

Zipten unleashes an instrumental gem like no other with ‘Cube Escape’. It is a track which drives forward with bite and the quality which the Milan based producer has put on display is refreshing.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, ‘Cube Escape’ kicks off with a thumping rhythm with a beat which will knock you off your chair. A synth arrangement then rises to the top of the mix with a cinematic angle. The structure then changes entirely with a myriad of new sounds popping out left, right and centre.

As the track progresses, it becomes even more potent, and it hits the sweet spot impeccably.