Rick Rutherford Releases ‘Words’

Words By Max Jordan.

‘Words’ is the latest release from Rick Rutherford and already fans are flocking far and wide to grab a listen.

It is a track which opens the 2021 rock and roll songbook, and Rick gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money with his approach. Musically, ‘Words’ delves into a sound which became prevalent decades before today. It also brings a new flavour to the party and pushes through what is popping out in the modern game.

Vocally, Rick sings with an unorthodox technique, and he occupies his own corner with a performance which stands out but for all the right reasons.

Minna Ora Releases ‘Sea’

Words By Max Jordan.

Minna Ora is sending a shockwave across the indie realm with her mesmerising new release, ‘Sea’.

Fusing modern hooks with a nostalgic vibe, Minna smashes through the industry noise with genuine conviction. Her confidence drips from the track like a leaking tap, and her timbre could cut through any glass.

Musically, ‘Sea’ is a mixture of all things potent in indie and folk. Furthermore, the instrumental glides through the airwaves with bite, and it leaves an indent instantly.

Calboa Smashes It With ‘Admission’

Words By Max Jordan.

‘Admission’ is the latest release from up and coming indie sensation, Calboa. Here, Calboa cements his name even deeper into the indie history books with a track which provides energy and mystique.

Kicking off ‘Admission’ is a guitar intro lead which is delightful. It comes sharp, and it is music to the ears for anyone who loves good old indie guitar hooks. An unorthodox style beat then jumps out, and it leads us into the verse potently.


Vocally, Calboa sounds fantastic. He has developed over the years, and he has blossomed into one of the finest indie musicians of recent times. So much so, I cannot get enough of his track here with a verse and chorus melody which is magnetic.

As the track progresses, we hear a variety of new sounds appearing, and Calboa cleverly mixes things up regularly to keep the fire burning.

You can listen to ‘Admission’ by Calboa below.

Lock Up Yer Daughters, Girl Afraid Are Here!

Words By Ava Jordan.

Hull indie rockers Girl Afraid are taking no prisoners with their track ‘Dutch Courage’. I am slightly late to the party, but this track needs to get a review. It is on fire, and it bites with frontman ‘Sam Mellors’ singing with genuine conviction and grit which is challenging to keep at bay.

Musically, Indie has never sounded quite as potent with the band smashing through the mix with integrity. They unleash their power here, and the energy oozes out of the track, so much so it nearly kicked me off my chesterfield.

Girl Afraid
Leader Of The Pack, Sam Mellors.

It falls into a post-genre category with the group taking hints from the big hitters in Indie, but they also bring their unique vibe which stands out truly in a distinct light. So, Hull, you lucky bunch! With chaps like these echoing out of the local indie basements, it is clear why they say those who go to Hull never leave. Keep chomping lads, and keep these bangers flowing!

Listen to ‘Dutch Courage’ below.

Near Death Experience To Release ‘Moves’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Near Death Experience do not mess around. They are back following their previous release ‘Conquer’, and they accelerate even faster towards rock stardom.

The group takes influence from a variety of places, and they are ready for the release of one of their biggest rock tracks to date. It is not often that a follow up single comes quite as potent as this one, and I can only help but feel myself gravitating even closer to them with each release.

‘Moves’ is a mover. Vocalist ‘Ian’ talks about a woman who moves him, well the group move me here. So much so, my soles hurt from the constant foot-tapping trance I found myself in. Vocally, top draw, musically, fascinating with a bluesy guitar taking the lead and a rhythm beat and bassline which straps us in firmly.

The track is hitting all the stores on 14th August. You can take a listen to a preview below and also pre-save by clicking here.

Lime Juice Unleash ‘Quietude’

Words by Ava Jordan.

Lime Juice are back. Their new track ‘Quietude’ comes bigger and bolder than ever before with a melody which will get even your grandpa tapping his foot.

Cleverly, the band combine a contemporary indie sound with good old nostalgia making the mix too for good measure. The track kicks off with a sublime rhythm guitar strumming away, and a steady drum hit. Vocally the singer then greets us with open arms. Taking us on an adventure, the group get their message across very well, and it is difficult not to find yourself gripping onto the record for dear life.

The track builds, and before we know it, we are in with all guns blazing with a chorus which could fill a stadium twice over. But, the excitement does not stop there. Lime Juice shrewdly introduce new sounds into the mix with a guitar lead appearing sharper than serpents tooth.

Musically, the group take no hostages with every one of them adding their own unique touch. You can check out ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below.

Jay Ebby East Unleashes Most Poignant Rock Track Of Recent Times

Words by Max Jordan.

Jay Ebby East is an artist who goes from strength to strength. He always amazes me does this indie rocker from Colchester.

I first came across Jay a few years ago after receiving one of his tracks from his promoter. I knew then that he was onto something but his latest offering ‘On The Other Side’ is a genuine gem. Furthermore, he has put together one of the most heartfelt tracks of recent times.

The new release is available on the 10th of July but do not worry about setting an alarm because you can pre-save it by clicking here.

Meg Lawrenson Brings The Indie Feel-Good

Words by Max Jordan.

Meg Lawrenson has a remarkable sound, and I cannot get enough of it. She is fresh off the back of her release ‘Use My Body’, and it is an Indie Pop anthem which boasts charisma and passion.

It all gets underway with a strong intro. We hear an indie sound opening with a robust guitar lead and thumping drum section taking the limelight. But, we are then with a sublime vocal performance from Meg who captivates with each word she delivers. It swings more into a poppy and country vibe as it progresses and I hear influences from the greats including Swifty.

What I like most about this track is the variance and the myriad of flavours it provides. There is just about something for everyone; it has the rock edge but also the catchy pop which so many include myself relish. Overall, it is a top-quality release from Meg Lawrenson. You can listen to the new single ‘Use My Body’ below.

Calboa Excites With ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

Calboa returns with ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ and by heck is this is an energetic track. I am hooked on this fine indie specimen who hails from the music-rich city of Hull in the north of England.

He reminds me of early Doherty. It is not just his unique image but also his ability to churn out indie hit time and again. This new one though takes on a new direction for the up and coming name, and it did not disappoint me.

It follows a similar theme to his previous release ‘Same Shhh’. We hear him speak about the negatives of mundane life, but yet we can all pretty much get onto his wavelength, especially since we are all sick to the back teeth of lockdown and this pandemic. Furthermore, he speaks volumes on this release, and it has all the ingredients to make it a classic indie anthem.

Nevertheless, it has a more feel-good and upbeat aura than his previous track. I like that juxtaposition between his lyrics and the music. You cannot help but feel positive even if the word choice is remarkably poignant. It kicks off with a likeable rhythm and an edge which will get you gripping to it instantly.

Great work Calboa, please do keep them coming. You can listen to ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ below.

Near Death Experience Release ‘Conquer’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

A new week is upon us, and we have a treat this week, with the latest release from British band ‘Near Death Experience’.

They have an authentic, fresh indie sound which I have been relishing ever since I hit play on their new track ‘Conquer’. It brings a nostalgic vibe, but yet there are heaps of modern elements which makes it a refreshing listen for anyone who loves the best from yesteryear but also a fresh angle too.

Vocally, the band are flying high. The singing is on top form with a poignant vocal delivery from frontman Ian Whiteling. The smart vocal structure matches the energetic instrumental tremendously well, and everything is oozing with confidence. It has a 70s feel going on, and I could not help but find similarities with Mark Knopfler within the vocal section. But, there is also an Inspiral Carpets vibe going on too, which makes it quite an exciting find.

Overall, the band have taken an already incredible sound and added their unique stamp onto it. The song formation works well; they have plenty of energy, and their performance is hard to fault. You can listen to ‘Conquer’ by Near Death Experience below.