Near Death Experience Release ‘Conquer’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

A new week is upon us, and we have a treat this week, with the latest release from British band ‘Near Death Experience’.

They have an authentic, fresh indie sound which I have been relishing ever since I hit play on their new track ‘Conquer’. It brings a nostalgic vibe, but yet there are heaps of modern elements which makes it a refreshing listen for anyone who loves the best from yesteryear but also a fresh angle too.

Vocally, the band are flying high. The singing is on top form with a poignant vocal delivery from frontman Ian Whiteling. The smart vocal structure matches the energetic instrumental tremendously well, and everything is oozing with confidence. It has a 70s feel going on, and I could not help but find similarities with Mark Knopfler within the vocal section. But, there is also an Inspiral Carpets vibe going on too, which makes it quite an exciting find.

Overall, the band have taken an already incredible sound and added their unique stamp onto it. The song formation works well; they have plenty of energy, and their performance is hard to fault. You can listen to ‘Conquer’ by Near Death Experience below.

Outline Give Us ‘Candid’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

‘Candid’ is one of those tracks which makes the hairs on the back of your next stand up. Outline are smashing it. They are from Birmingham but yet they are spreading their wings with a track which is gaining coverage globally.

I first came across this song late one recent evening. My goal was to find a track which was going to excite me. What a treat it was to hear such a charismatic release from the gents. It has a relaxed vibe. There is nothing about it which is annoying, and it makes for a refreshing listen if you want something original and unique.

The track has a beat which got me tapping my foot. I could not help it. Can you? Also, the vocal which the band put out is on top form. They hit their notes in effortless style, and catchy melodies and nail-biting hooks are what the group do best.

Who does it sound like in the industry? It is not too far away from The 1975, but vocally it is very different. I do not hear any exact similarity vocally, but we do hear the singer’s Midlands accent poking out at times which I relish. Is it their best song yet? I would genuinely say yes. The group have taken us into a new direction with their sound. They have ditched the jazzy feel heard a lot on their previous hits. There is some of that influence audible in various places, but the indie-pop realm is the route they have taken. It works tremendously well. I could not find any fault within it. The structure is tight, each musician plays their part, and it makes for an enjoyable time.

So, wait no longer, get your ears around it now. You can listen to ‘Candid’ below.