The Lucky 13s, ‘Gamble My Soul’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Who among you watched The Voice UK and remembers Jamie Johnson? In the 2014 competition, he advanced to the final round, and now, he and his band, The Lucky 13s, are once again at the forefront of the business. The band, who hails from the south of England, let out their pent-up fervour and bestowed upon us all their album ‘Gamble My Soul’.

It is a recipe for triumph, and the album contains just about everything for lots of different sorts of listeners. The record boasts 11 tracks, all of which explore into various parts of the scene with elements of R&B fusing with pop, and soulful hooks meeting bluesy leads.

Standing out is ‘Sweet Sweet Love’. The song has a cosy vibe, which helps to cheer us up during these cold winter days. Additionally, it demonstrates the stadium-filling vocal ability that Jamie possesses up to this point. Also, songs like ‘Gamble My Soul’ and ‘Hold On’ are two of our absolute favourites from this album!

Photo Credit: The Lucky 13s.

BContheTrack, ‘Feel Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

BContheTrack and Beaux collaborate on one of the most engaging rnb tunes in recent memory.

The producer and beatmaker smashes it with vigour, synergising seamlessly with Beaux, who delivers an outstanding rap performance. The song stands out for all the right reasons, and it hits home with a narrative that many people will find familiar.

As the track progresses, many sounds emerge, adding to the experience, and as it closes, we are itching to hit the replay button.

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: BContheTrack.

Deanna Chase, ‘Work It Out’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Deanna Chase takes us on a journey we will not forget in a hurry with her new single, ‘Work It Out’. It is a track that grabs our attention immediately, and the singer from the United Kingdom smashes it right away.

The singer shines brightly with a sound that is difficult to come by these days, fusing modern rnb with the best pop textures from the past to create something unique. Her performance is energising, and she does not hold back when demonstrating her abilities!

Check it out below. Also, be sure to follow Deanna on Instagram here.

Photo Credit: Deanna Chase.

Tyler Reese, ‘If You Let Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Tyler Reese’s new track, ‘If You Let Me,’ gets the rnb pop juices flowing; it is officially out now!

As smooth as you like, ‘If You Let Me’ glides across the airwaves with charming appeal. The track begins with a mid-focused percussion beat pulsing alongside an exuberant guitar rhythm, paving the stage for Tyler Reese’s fantastic vocal performance. The bass is a little distant initially, but it receives the spotlight it deserves as the song progresses.

Tyler reaches for the microphone with evident zeal. He expresses himself clearly and speaks openly about a relationship. Reiterating that he is not like other people his lover has previously dated, he describes how much they mean to him, frequently referring to them as his “Bonnie and Clyde.” The lyrics often go into a conventional love storey, but Tyler manages to keep it interesting with various melodies that deviate from the norm.

The tune’s tone is consistent throughout, and the music structure does not alter significantly, yet the energy remains with us for the entirety. Also, even if the music structure is somewhat predictable, it does not grow monotonous. It is a technique that the best artists possess, often maintaining their progression steady while keeping us fascinated throughout; Tyler does just that here!

Overall, a quality release from Tyler Reese and one that will push him even further up the echelon.

Photo Credit: Tyler Reese.

Wayne Dreadski, ‘Da Candyman’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Wayne Dreadski, the Atlanta rnb and reggae musician, returns with a new track called “Da Candyman.” It’s one of those songs that will hook you from the first listen, and it contains something for everyone, making it even better.

Wayne Dreadski

The singer enters into a new area by fusing current hip hop with a reggae influence. He doesn’t sound too different from the contemporary chart, but his distinct approach makes him stand out. Also, his music has a particular framework, and he keeps the thrill going from beginning to end, all while providing an excellent vocal and storey.

Check it out below.

Listen to “Wayne Dreadski_Da CandyMan” on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Wayne Dreaski.

B.U.d! Excites With ‘No More’

Words By Max Jordan.

U.S based R’n’B star B.U.d! is flying the flag for top quality soul with his new release ‘No More’.

I first came across this fresh track having being sent it by his promoter, and I have to say, I have found myself hooked ever since. It is infectious with a vocal charm which is challenging to keep at bay. Vocally, B.U.d! sounds delightful with him providing a performance which is massively piercing. He sings with his heart on his jacket, and he takes a no prisoner approach to songwriting with a message which leaves no room for ambiguity.

Musically, ‘No More’ is exciting, and it has a Prince style vibe popping out of it at times. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of unique qualities which makes it stand out truly on its own with a radiance which many will find hard to fault.

You can take a listen to the ‘No More’ below.

Yulanda Sabrina’s Debut ‘Easier’

Words by Max Jordan.

Yulanda Sabrina is fresh on the scene. She has not been around long but yet is already making traction. Her sound is mesmerising. Vocally, she delights, and her debut track ‘Easier’ is enough for us to want her to stay.

She centres her music around a strong synth and a killer vocal. It works well. Although, I am curious to know if she will keep this structure moving forward. Musically, the track does not disappoint. Although there is nothing huge about it, it works. It is relatively chill and toned down. Perfect for those late evenings relaxing in your garden.

Its has a contemporary R&B vibe but yet it has an underground and raw feel to it too. We hear the freshness in the artists vocal delivery. It is her first track, and we can tell. It is almost like when you smell the fresh paint on a newly decorated room. The confidence which Yulanda Sabrina has is on full display too. Yulanda has a gift, and she uses it to its full potential, and why not? I would also if I could sing as she does.

So a little about the artist. She comes from a background of making YouTube videos. Her channel is hugely popular, and her music is probably going to follow a similar trend. Her musical ability is evident. But, we are questioning why she has taken so long to get her music out there? Maybe perfection is what the singer was looking for before leaping into the music world. If perfection is her goal, then she has just hit it here with ‘Easier’. I have to say; it is one of favourite R&B and soul tracks of recent times. See if you agree by listening to her debut single ‘Easier’ below.