Hip Hop

Jameel Mason Unleashes Hip Hop Gem

Words By Ava Jordan.

What I love most about Jameel Mason is that he keeps evolving as a musician. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ takes him on a new direction with a sound which you will struggle to locate elsewhere.

‘Quarantine Mami’ speaks for the generation. He sings about a topic which many will relate with and his ability to inspire is captivating. Vocally, Jameel Mason hits all the sweet spots with a vocal which makes him stand out uniquely. I also relish how he sings from his heart with a delivery which gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money.

Taking hints from the greats, Jameel has introduced a new sound of his own. Also, he recruits support from a female vocalist who shines like a beaming light towards the end of the record. Between them both, they unleash a track which is going to be echoing out of hip hop basements for quite some time.

Therefore, grab this one while it is hot! You can take a listen below.