Voodoo Rays, ‘Empire’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Voodoo Rays smash it with the release of their album, ‘Empire’. The record, which is comprised of ten tracks, offers something that will appeal to almost everybody, and the quality that the band has up their sleeve is invigorating.

They draw inspiration from legendary figures in the game, yet they are able to combine this with a look and feel that is uniquely theirs in the present era. They stand out thanks to their capacity to maintain their individuality within the scene while at the same time adhering to the course that has been established for them.

The album is full of twists and turns, and the strength it possesses is exhilarating to witness. Additionally, every member of the band rises to the occasion with vigour, whether it be the drums, which strike with intensity, the bass lines, which leave the mouth watering, the guitar riffs, which grip, or the vocal delivery, which is indenting!

Photo Credit: Voodoo Rays.