Home State Return With ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

Home State are fresh off the back of their latest release ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’. It is an electro blend of pop which is anthemic with its infectious delivery.

Vocally, the band are truly on point. It is the highlight within the release which grabbed me from the get-go. It has a rocky edge within the vocals, but yet it is hard to put this into a rock category which the band claim to be. Although to be fair to them, this is a new direction and very different from their other releases.

The chorus is a belter. It is flooding with a unique flavour which I could not help but get right behind. The music the band is putting on display deserves a lot of credit too. They have a lot of experience, and this is shining out of this release. But, I would love to hear a bit more rock in places. They are moving into the pop realms with an electrofusion. But, they are possibly heading very far away from their routes of being a rock outfit. Nevertheless, it works and is opening up its fan target massively. Therefore I cannot blame them too much for the new direction.

The track is around the average length for a radio edit. Any longer, and it could become repetitive; therefore, I agree with the group’s decision to keep it shortish but sweet. Lyrically, we hear them express themselves clearly. There is a considerable emphasis on the hot and cold emotional nature, and it resonates well with anyone who has encountered such a person. Overall, it is well worth a listen. Even, if you are a rock enthusiast, ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ could quite easily convert you. Also, there is plenty for everybody.

You can listen to ‘Call Me/ Leave Me’ by Home State below.

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