R n B

Tyler Reese, ‘If You Let Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Tyler Reese’s new track, ‘If You Let Me,’ gets the rnb pop juices flowing; it is officially out now!

As smooth as you like, ‘If You Let Me’ glides across the airwaves with charming appeal. The track begins with a mid-focused percussion beat pulsing alongside an exuberant guitar rhythm, paving the stage for Tyler Reese’s fantastic vocal performance. The bass is a little distant initially, but it receives the spotlight it deserves as the song progresses.

Tyler reaches for the microphone with evident zeal. He expresses himself clearly and speaks openly about a relationship. Reiterating that he is not like other people his lover has previously dated, he describes how much they mean to him, frequently referring to them as his “Bonnie and Clyde.” The lyrics often go into a conventional love storey, but Tyler manages to keep it interesting with various melodies that deviate from the norm.

The tune’s tone is consistent throughout, and the music structure does not alter significantly, yet the energy remains with us for the entirety. Also, even if the music structure is somewhat predictable, it does not grow monotonous. It is a technique that the best artists possess, often maintaining their progression steady while keeping us fascinated throughout; Tyler does just that here!

Overall, a quality release from Tyler Reese and one that will push him even further up the echelon.

Photo Credit: Tyler Reese.