Olly E, ‘Rise Above’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With ‘Rise Above,’ Olly E, the rocker who needs no introduction, returns more vital than ever. It’s a solo effort from the British musician and composer, and as it progresses, he creates an atmosphere that’s easy to get lost in quickly.

A bright guitar tone opens the tune, pinching the ears with a bite for the right reasons. It gradually builds to the first stanza, where Olly shows that he is up to the task. The track appears to be heading straight towards the drop from the start, but Olly, being the mastermind, decides to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Olly E

Olly has a unique vocal timbre that is difficult to compare to others in the scene. We can draw parallels with artists who have previously risen to prominence, such as Placebo’s frontman, but he is in a class by himself in terms of style. This unique creative approach makes him stand out, and it will be impossible to place him amid any of the innumerable tracks published to DSPs regularly.

The refrain in ‘Rise Above’ is catchy, and all of the sounds blend seamlessly. The drums pound furiously, and the guitar riffs speed up, making the track a strong stadium filler. Also, the bass manages to make its way out of the frantic mix, and no sound is lost, which is a testament to Olly’s mixing talent.

Olly generally fills the vocal space with his lead delivery. Therefore there aren’t many supporting harmonies. As is sometimes the case with tracks like this, but a little additional backing at certain parts would have been fantastic!

Photo Credit: Olly E