Thomas Cole, ‘Execute The Vision’

Words By Max Jordan.

Thomas Cole is taking a giant leap with his release ‘Execute The Vision’.

It is a track that takes a hint from yesteryear, and the nostalgic vision pays off with a sound that works so well, rising to the top once again. Nevertheless, Thomas keeps current with an up to date hook, and his infectious vocal keeps him relevant in the modern scene.

Likewise, the fist thumping rhythm unleashes the energy required now more than ever, leading the way to the summer party with dexterity!

You can listen to ‘Execute The Vision’ below.

Age Of Destitute, ‘Voiceless’

Words By Max Jordan.

New-Zealand based soft-rockers Age Of Destitute impress with their new single, ‘Voiceless’, taken from their upcoming EP.

It is a timeless track with a flow that leaves an indent. Also, it paves the way forward for this genre with an impressive soundscape. Vocally, lead singer Rez is a breath of fresh air, and he invites the listener in with his welcoming tone.

Musically, the entire track is radiant with guitar hooks rising out of the mix and a beat that is an instant foot-tapper.

You can listen to ‘Voiceless’ by Age Of Destitute below.

Final Void, ‘Symphony Of Lies’

Words By Max Jordan.

Finnish rockers and Final Void are back with ‘Symphony Of Lies’ and unleash the power with omnipotence.

It starts with vigour, and the band do not disappoint with one of the most potent rock overtures to grace the airwaves in recent times. Furthermore, the guitar cuts through with bite, and the vocals hit home with an edge that is challenging to locate elsewhere.

As the track progresses, the sound becomes even more intense, and they leave the listener gripping on for dear life.

You can check out ‘Symphony Of Lies’ By Final Void below.

Charmian Devi, ‘Radio Of None’

Words By Max Jordan.

Charmian Devi recruits some of the biggest music names for her new alt-rock release, ‘Radio Of None’.

The all-star line up includes Lenny Kaye, Tony Garnier, Steve Shelley and Brian Marsella. Each provide a unique edge to the mix, and Charmian bolsters all arrangements with a mesmerising vocal performance.

Fearless with her approach, Charmian soars to the top, and she showcases harmonically rich tones with a flavour that is uncomparable in the modern scene.

You can listen to ‘Radio Of None’ by Charmian Devi below.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Paradise’

Words By Max Jordan.

Julia Thomsen is a composer who improves with every new composition. First, we had her ‘Sea Energise’ collection, and now we have the beautiful ‘Paradise’.

Similar to the title, the flow leads us to paradise with a serene soundscape that is peaceful and memorable. Also, we hear another string to Julia’s bow with a heavenly violin lead inviting with harmonically-rich texture. Like her previous releases, Julia soothes with her piano arrangement piercing the heartstrings with deep emotion.

You can take a listen to ‘Paradise’ by Julia Thomsen below.

Nobody, ‘Daydreamer’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Nobody is sending a shockwave across the alt-pop realm with her new single ‘Daydreamer’.

It is a release that showcases her talent from the start, and she mesmerising with her harmonically-rich vocal performance. Furthermore, she opens up about society’s problems and delivers a prevalent message which many will find relatable.

Similarly, the music is piercing with a heartfelt approach which leaves a long-lasting impression.

‘Daydreamer’ is out April 9th!

You can take watch a preview of the lyric video below.

Instant Curtain, ‘Reverse In The Sand’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Italian rockers, Instant Curtain, boss it with their latest release, ‘Reverse In The Sand’.

Kicking off with a nostalgic guitar riff, the group start as they mean to go on with their edgy quality oozing with confidence. Vocally, Massimo flies high with his harmonically-rich tones giving the track a new edge. Also, the musical direction is fresh, with a myriad of sounds leaping out of the mix with vigour.

You can check out ‘Reverse In The Sand’ by Instant Curtain below.

Sabi Pitt, ‘Change The World’

Words By Ava Jordan.

‘Change The World’ is the new single by Sabi Pitt, and as you would expect from an artist of his calibre, it is terrific!

The track finds influence from reggae and hip-hop, but it delves down a unique path creating a distinct sound of its own which is stimulating. It also boasts an unorthodox flow that is memorable with a guitar lead starting before a beat arrives, and it gets the foot tapping with a likeable groove.

Overall, Sabi is on top form, and he smashes it here. You can check it out below.

Ivan Makvel, ‘How You Make Me Feel’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Funk has never arrived as fresh as it does here with ‘How You Make Me Feel’ by Ivan Makvel.

The catchy release oozes confidence with a funky flow which is memorable with the track hitting the funk ball well and truly out of the park. It fuses modern poppy funk with flavoursome grooves, and it is full of lush harmonies and lyrics, which many will find relatable.

Hailing from Italy, Ivan is spreading his wings across the globe, so much so, fans are flocking far and wide to grab a listen.

You can listen to ‘How You Make Me Feel’ by Ivan Makvel below.

Thomas Atlas, ‘Halfway To The Moon’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Birmingham funk musician Thomas Atlas gets the summer vibes flowing early with his new release ‘Halfway To The Moon’.

Fast-tracking with his irresistible sound, Thomas Atlas wears his heart on his sleeve with a message of taking off and leaving a loved one behind. Although deep lyrically, the instrumental brings an upbeat soundscape to the front, and the musical arrangement is even more potent than his last.

Bluesy funk is Thomas’ most impressive quality, and he does not disappoint here with a sound that gets better with every playthrough.

Pre-save here.