Spectral Display, ‘Back On My Feet’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Spectral Display are well and truly back with their new single, ‘Back On My Feet’.

Spectral Display
@ Spectral Display

The best way to describe this new single from the Dutch quartet is contagious pop. In recent years, they have been dropping hits left, right, and centre and they continue to impress with each new release. Furthermore, ‘Back On My Feet’ has a summer beat that will propel them to even higher heights, and Paul Simon’s vocals will leave us delirious with excitement.

Michel kicks out his groove with an enticing bass lead and a sanguine guitar rhythm that rattles the speakers.

Photo Credit: Spectral Display.

Freelevel, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Anna, ‘Don’t Be Sad’ is a compelling release, what is the inspiration? 

Thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear. It was co-written by lyricist M.Alexander and me, and musically I was inspired by the feeling of the lyrics and wanted to create a melody that connects a timeless type of songwriting and melody with a new twist in the style of the song and the energy. As I wrote the song I went through a catharsis of emotions and the song is like a journey emotionally. 

The pop-rock vibe you have stands out among other artists in the same genre, do you think there should be more pop-rock bands topping the charts?

Yes, definitely. To have more genres in the charts in general, and more pop-rock driven music should really be on the horizon. There is want out there for new sounds in the mainstream. 

I am very happy to hear that the vibe stands out, as the vibe and energy of the music is one of the most important things for FREELEVEL! 

@ Freelevel.

Do you prefer working in a band or on your solo material? Or both? 

What a great question. I have to say both, complement each other and actually merge together quite a bit. All my songs can be played stripped down by the piano or with a full-on arena band. 

As a solo artist, to be able to immerse in the energy of a band is really wonderful. To create unity with the band and express themselves together as one is amazing. As a solo artist, it’s great freedom to play in different genres, settings and different kinds of music, but it can be a little lonely sometimes. 

How do you know when a song is ready to sign off?

It’s a kind of mysterious thing where I feel it. In the writing process, sometimes it just happens, the song pours out and sometimes it takes a lot more work. In production, it’s when the energy is there and the different elements needed are there. 

That said, with almost all my songs, I have other versions in my head that I want to realize, with orchestrations or other things. 

Do you have more releases planned for this year?

Yes I do! Not really ready to talk about it yet, but working away. And if any producers or music people out there read this, be in touch! 

Photo Credit: Freelevel

Deanna Chase, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Deanna, Let’s talk about your new single, ‘Work It Out’, what is the meaning? 

‘Work it Out’ is a song about not wanting to give up on a relationship so easy. I was really going through the motions and doing my best to save something and hoping that we could find the strength to get through it. It’s about being open and honest about how you feel and being safe in that. It’s a reminder to myself that although I am strong, but also human, and strength isn’t always about dealing with things alone or taking all the blame. I’m happy I wrote something that people can connect to on that level, and that can be related to different things; people tell me they have added it to their gym playlists which is cool. In a sentence, Work it Out is a song about strength.

Which artists in the current industry inspire you the most?

Absolutely. It’s a reminder that your age doesn’t determine your ability to accomplish your dreams. I I think Doja Cat is cool. She’s a great performer, writer, has great style and presence and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I like that.

Deanna Chase
@ Deanna Chase.

What is the best thing about being a musician in 2022?

The best thing about being a musician right now is the freedom to create and express myself and share my work whenever I want. It’s also cool that I can connect with fans whenever I want too. It’s not all plain sailing and I am still real hungry to grow and do more, but the time will come.

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g a certain room, or environment?

I wish I had a cooler answer than the studio but that’s the truth. It’s like being in a bunker, I can escape and indulge. It’s like a switch goes off and suddenly, I’m in the zone. It has a lot to do with the environment too, I am constantly hearing new sounds and inspired by the creative people that surround me. Just this desire to create the best music flares up in me.

What is your first memory of music? 

 I would say dance class, watching Chris Brown on TV and hearing my mum sing around the house.

Photo Credit: Deanna Chase.

Thomas Cole, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Thomas Cole is a New York City-based American actor, model, and music artist.

Hello, Thomas, ‘Late To Bloom’, a passionate release, what is the inspiration? 

Thank you so much… it really is. “Late to Bloom” is actually inspired by one of my favorite artists, Ava Max. 

During the peak of COVID, my best friends and I would hang out at my New York City apartment, drink rose on the rooftop, and dance to Ava Max. It was a unique opportunity in the sense that we had the time to really get to know ourselves, our passions, and our dreams. 

Lyrically, I wrote a little bit about that feeling, while bringing in lots of metaphors for a dying garden, hanging on for dear life, and once given the resources to grow, it THRIVES! 

Musically, Electropoint sprinkled in some 80s goodness and had some fun with the synths and drums. I’m very happy with how it turned out and the music video just drives the whole message home. 

Does ‘Late To Bloom’ serve as a reminder to all to never give up? 

Absolutely. It’s a reminder that your age doesn’t determine your ability to accomplish your dreams. I feel like we all feel this pressure to be able to completely define ourselves by a certain age, which is WILD to me because we are forever evolving, growing, and learning. It’s okay to move at your own pace. It’s never too late to grow into the flower you were meant to be. 

Thomas Cole
@ Thomas Cole.

What was it like working with Electropoint again? 

Electropoint is my main man! I love working with him. He brings out my creativity while also harnessing his own, and, as a result, we make magic! As a new artist, he’s really helped guide and mentor me through the song-making process, setting my expectations and celebrating our hard work when it comes together as a complete project. At this point, I can’t see myself working with anyone else!

How do you know when a song is ready to sign off?

It’s just a feeling, you know? My process is pretty straightforward. I listen to the track a thousand times and start to hear melodies. I figure out what it is I want to say and how I want to say it. And it all kind of comes together. Sometimes I’ll sit with a song for months, making little tweaks here and there. Simultaneously, I’ll start thinking about the visuals. The cover art, the video, the teasers. Once those are lined up and ready to go, I feel confident the song is ready for release!

Do you have more releases planned for this year? 

I sure do! You’ll hear one, maybe two new songs this year. We’re about to shoot a video for the next single. #StayTuned 

Photo Credit: Thomas Cole.

Von Venn, ‘Ghost’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Von Venn captivate with their new single, ‘Ghost.’ The new delivery taps into a contemporary indie rock realm while simultaneously bringing back nostalgic elements from the past.

Von Venn
@ Von Venn

Gary Cox, the project’s brains, is up to the challenge! The music is full of potency, and no energy gets lost as it progresses. Also, his vocal performance leaves an impression on the soul, and we’re reaching for the replay button when it concludes!

Photo Credit: Von Venn.

Karuna, ‘Tipping Point And Shape Of Water’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Karuna are back and stronger than ever with two new tracks, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Shape Of Water.’

@ Karuna

Both singles stand out and hit home with their relevancy to the world around us right now, each conveying their own distinct storey. Furthermore, Abi, the group’s singer, speaks frankly about the amount of harm we are doing to the globe and the urgent need to do something; she uses the song ‘Tipping Point’ as a metaphor for humanity driving the planet over the edge of no return. ‘Shape Of Water’ carries the message, as both tracks emerge with an early music texture and a spectacular vocal performance from Abi.

Photo Credit: Karuna.

Shane Pi, ‘Company’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Shane Pi’s single, ‘Company’, is a sensation. It’s an awe-inspiring delivery, and the new musician from Nashville doesn’t hold back when it comes to demonstrating his ability.

The single is the first from his new EP, ‘Is This Art?; and it stands out with a distinct personality. His vocals are impressive, and the plethora of sounds that emerge in the mix keep us engaged for the duration.

@ Shane Pi.

Shane shines with zeal and creates an experience unlike any other. He also demonstrates his versatility as a musician, generating a hybrid sound that blends in nicely with the contemporary landscape.

You can listen to ‘Company’ below.

Photo Credit: Shane Pi.

Luis Morrison, ‘Ultraviolet’

Words By Joey Rochert.

‘Ultraviolet’, Luis Morrison’s debut single, can’t go wrong! The singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom’s Midlands does things his way, and the sounds he creates have us clinging to the speakers like chewy on the bottom of a sneaker.

The crunchy guitars catch our attention with their virility, and the bass lead and drum beat have us tapping our feet long after the song has ended. Luis has a great voice, and despite this being his first release, he does not sound inexperienced. Furthermore, he possesses a level of skill comparable to that of the game’s best players, and if he continues on this road, he will be giving the chart-toppers a run for their money.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Luis Morrison.

BContheTrack, ‘Feel Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

BContheTrack and Beaux collaborate on one of the most engaging rnb tunes in recent memory.

The producer and beatmaker smashes it with vigour, synergising seamlessly with Beaux, who delivers an outstanding rap performance. The song stands out for all the right reasons, and it hits home with a narrative that many people will find familiar.

As the track progresses, many sounds emerge, adding to the experience, and as it closes, we are itching to hit the replay button.

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: BContheTrack.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Precious’

Words By Joey Rochert.

‘Precious,’ Julia Thomsen’s latest release, is capturing hearts all around the globe.

The release is quintessential, Julia, a lovely reflection of the world and a reminder of how valuable our surroundings are! Her art is the product of many years spent in nature, and she has a remarkable ability to resonate via her piano performance.

The composer employs innovative structures and tactics to detach from life’s stresses, capturing an irresistible spirit and generating difficult-to-find relaxation.

Listen to ‘Precious’ below to unwind.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.