Von Venn, ‘Ghost’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Von Venn captivate with their new single, ‘Ghost.’ The new delivery taps into a contemporary indie rock realm while simultaneously bringing back nostalgic elements from the past.

Von Venn
@ Von Venn

Gary Cox, the project’s brains, is up to the challenge! The music is full of potency, and no energy gets lost as it progresses. Also, his vocal performance leaves an impression on the soul, and we’re reaching for the replay button when it concludes!

Photo Credit: Von Venn.

Shane Pi, ‘Company’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Shane Pi’s single, ‘Company’, is a sensation. It’s an awe-inspiring delivery, and the new musician from Nashville doesn’t hold back when it comes to demonstrating his ability.

The single is the first from his new EP, ‘Is This Art?; and it stands out with a distinct personality. His vocals are impressive, and the plethora of sounds that emerge in the mix keep us engaged for the duration.

@ Shane Pi.

Shane shines with zeal and creates an experience unlike any other. He also demonstrates his versatility as a musician, generating a hybrid sound that blends in nicely with the contemporary landscape.

You can listen to ‘Company’ below.

Photo Credit: Shane Pi.

The Brouhaha, ‘Rain Down’

Words By Joey Rochert.

The Brouhaha get back to business with their new single, ‘Rain Down’. It is a track that instantly conveys the feel-good juices flowing, and it will be playing out for a long time as the year unfolds.

The Brouhaha

The band hails from the south of England, and they rip it up here with ferocity! Furthermore, Callum Mckenzie makes an immediate impression with a difficult-to-resist vocal, and the music gets the feel-good juices flowing throughout the body.

‘Rain Down’ is a mix of several styles, and there is so much going on in the track that it keeps us fascinated from beginning to end. Also, given its versatility, it will come as no surprise to discover a wide range of new music listeners flocking to hear this one.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: The Brouhaha.

Artic Baba, ‘Mr. Crazy’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Italian pop-rockers Artic Baba smash it with their new single, ‘Mr. Crazy’, which is out now!

Artic Baba

The band takes us on a journey with their innovative approach to music composition, and their delivery takes a significant step forward. The vocals reach out with zeal, and the intensity is tangible! The guitars reverberate with warmth around the speakers, and the drum rhythm creates a cadence that gets the foot-tapping in a frenzy! They also leave an impression with their performance, making us want to hit replay once it concludes.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Artic Baba.

Glitch Project, ‘No More’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Glitch Project’s new release, ‘No More,’ is out now and serves as an early Christmas present.

Glitch Project

The new track from the two-piece from Turin picks up from where they left off with, ‘Wane’. It has a similar structure, and although it sounds different to the last, it could almost be a carry on given that the narrative leads us to a similar place. Furthermore, Maida, the vocalist, discusses our culture and the things around us and the inner psyche.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Glitch Project.

Joshua Gelfand, ‘The Only Place You Know,’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Joshua Gelfand’s current track, ‘The Only Place You Know,’ from his recently released album of the same name, thrills the soul.

Joshua Gelfand

Joshua rises to the occasion with majesty and offers one of the most captivating releases to emerge from the scene this winter, taking the listener on an expedition from the start. His vocals are memorable for all the right reasons, and he employs his musical savvy to create a soundscape that you won’t find anywhere else.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Joshua Gelfand.

Adam Giles Levy, ‘Last Of The Light’ Lyric Video

Words By Joey Rochert.

The spectacular new lyric video for UK singer/songwriter Adam Giles Levy’s song “Last Of The Light” is out today.

@ Adam Giles Levy

The new video offers compelling poetry, revealing that the singer is an influential songwriter and a fantastic wordsmith. Also, the latest version of the track, remixed by Thomas Atlas and mastered at The Priory, has been revived, and it immediately welcomes the ears.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Adam Giles Levy.

Jay Ebby East, ‘Supersonic’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With this new cover of the Oasis classic, Jay Ebby East returns even more supersonic than before.

Jay Ebby East

The Essex-born indie rock singer is in top form here, demonstrating why he is one of the most praised rock singers of our time. He has a unique approach to music, and while he keeps the track tight to the basis, he incorporates new components that give even more flair as the song goes.

Jay digs deep into his toolkit vocally and rises to the top with gold. Similarly, the production’s intensity is stimulating, and it’s difficult not to get dragged in as it approaches the melting point.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Jay Ebby East.

Glitch Project, ‘Wane’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Glitch Project return to the forefront of indie music with ‘Wane,’ which is as cool as it gets. The two-piece female outfit immediately kicks us in the shins with a bass riff that demonstrates they aren’t afraid to try something new.

Glitch Project

The bass drives the track ahead, and anyone who enjoys the four-string sound will be dribbling from their guilt. The lead vocals quickly tower to the top, piercing with a message about confronting phobias. They rise with their message and position in the refrain, and the synths synergize with a dance rhythm, leaving us hungry for more.

Photo Credit: Glitch Project.

Eliot, ‘Look At Me Now’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Eliot is the indie rocker whose latest single, ‘Look At Me Now,’ is a smashing accomplishment. The singer reflects on his tenure and demonstrates that anything is possible, often looking back with nostalgia.


The singer’s voice is in top form, and he gives the present scene a new edge. He doesn’t hold back with his enticing vocal tone, which grows in leaps and bounds as he proceeds through his delivery. Similarly, the music is immediately appealing, with a traditional rock and roll vibe pervading the mix.

Overall, ‘Look At Me Now’ is a first-rate delivery that will last a long time due to its exceptional quality.

Photo Credit: Terry Johnson.