Jbwai, ‘Busy Body’ Remix

Words By Max Jordan. Jbwai is soaring, and it is evident to see why; his new remix of ‘Busy Body’ is a gift! ‘Busy Body’ leaks energy by the barrel load, and it brings an instant feel-good sentiment with its inviting cadence. It takes hints from some of the greats, but it creates a unique […]

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LZYBY - Take My Time

LZYBY, ‘Take My Time’

Words By Max Jordan. LZYBY returns with a new release, ‘Take My Time’, and it is everything you would expect from an artist of his calibre. ‘Take My Time’ smashes forward with a violin arrangement that sits alongside quirky sounds, keeping LZYBY fresh and in his own space. There is an 80s flow here, but […]

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