Zipten Is Back With ‘Volcano Sunset’

Words By Max Jordan.

Zipten rises to the top once again with his latest release ‘Volcano Sunset’.

Bringing warmth to our soul, the producer hits the ball out of the park with a delivery which you will struggle to locate elsewhere. Moreover, ‘Volcano Sunset’ glides high from the get-go and although no words leap out of the mix, a meaning of joy is omnipresent.

As the track progresses, Zipten delves deep into his tool kit, and he returns with a mixture of sounds which give the track unique flavour. Also, towards the latter, the finale drops with colossal effect leaving us itching for another fix.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Unleashes ‘Spiritual Level’

Words By Max Jordan.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson rises to the top of dance-pop with her new single ‘Spiritual Level’.

Combing contemporary pop with a dance foundation, ‘Spiritual Level’ ticks all the boxes for any music fan looking for something just that little bit different.

Vocally, Amanda Marie Wilkinson flies high with a fearless performance. So much so, she radiates like a beacon, and her tone is awe-inspiring. Also, musically, the piece cuts through the rest of the industry noise with a new direction which leaves a long-lasting impression.

WOLFBERRY Set For Release Of ‘Let’s Make Fire’

Words By Ava Jordan.

WOLFBERRY is ready to unleash her latest single ‘Let’s Make Fire’. Furthermore, the singer who hails from Russia cements herself deep into pop with a sound which enthrals from the start.

Combining a modern hook with a nostalgic feel, WOLFBERRY pushes onward with a nail-biting quality. Her vocal is mesmerising, and she hits all the right notes with her resonating with her efficacious lyricism.

Also, the track comes with heaps of energy, and it is going to make fire the moment it comes out on the 30th October, I am sure.

You can take a listen to the new single below. Presave here.

LZYBY Smashes It With ‘Frustration’

Words by Max Jordan.

LZYBY is flying forward with his new release ‘Frustration’. It is the type of track which will kick you from your chair with its feel-good movement and its infectious quality.

The single kicks off as it means to go on with a potent intro lead and a rhythm which will have you tapping along instantly. Vocally, LZYBY sounds on top form with a superb performance. He sings with a precise technique, and although he takes hints from artists who have come before, he still sounds authentic with a healthy delivery.

You can take a listen to ‘Frustration’ by LZYBY below.

The Hassan Assassin Set To Release ‘Come Over’

The Hassan Assassin is set to drop his latest single ‘Come Over’. It is a bright track with bold lyricism and a hip hop beat which cements itself deep.

I could not help but get onto the rappers wavelength here on this track. Hassan sings with confidence which is hard to fault and his ability to articulate well resonates with each word hitting home.

The music grips too and he blends contemporary hooks with a nostalgic vibe giving the track plenty of new flavour while also taking the best from yesteryear. Also, it is refreshing to see a hip hop artist delve genuinely into his own space carving a unique sound of his own.

Overall, it is one of the most beautiful hip hop tracks to come out in recent months. As a result, there is just about something for everybody here.