Josiah Mortimer Releases ‘This Town’

Words By Max Jordan.

Fresh with his latest EP, ‘This Town’, Josiah Mortimer sends a shockwave across the acoustic space. Fusing, modern hooks with nostalgic texture, he takes a no-nonsense approach to songwriting, and he cements himself deep in the 2021 songbook.

‘This Town’ comes with four tracks which bring something fresh to the table. Josiah drives a meaningful story, and his adventure is stimulating with him recounting his experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vocally, Josiah is a breath of fresh air, and he stands out for all the right reasons. Additionally, his signature guitar sound thrives, and it inspires the way forward.

Josiah is dedicating the EP to all the heroes of COVID. Also, he is encouraging donations to hunger charity FareShare.

You can check out the EP below. Visit his BandCamp page here.

Rick Rutherford Releases ‘Words’

Words By Max Jordan.

‘Words’ is the latest release from Rick Rutherford and already fans are flocking far and wide to grab a listen.

It is a track which opens the 2021 rock and roll songbook, and Rick gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money with his approach. Musically, ‘Words’ delves into a sound which became prevalent decades before today. It also brings a new flavour to the party and pushes through what is popping out in the modern game.

Vocally, Rick sings with an unorthodox technique, and he occupies his own corner with a performance which stands out but for all the right reasons.

BeckMilli Drops ‘Gotham’

Words By Ava Jordan.

BeckMilli catapults into the new year with her latest release ‘Gotham’.

Smashing through the industry noise, BeckMilli rises to the top with a quality which is difficult to refuse. Her ability to have us hanging on the edge of our seat is stimulating with the Londoner taking us on an adventure from the very start.

As the track progresses, the mix becomes even more potent, and BeckMilli’s infectious rap slaps us round the chops like a wet kipper.

Check it out below.

Zipten Drops ‘Midnight Walk’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Zipten is becoming one of my favourite electronic producers. I have been following his journey throughout 2020, and as the year comes to an end, I have to say, Zipten has evolved and grown massively. His talent keeps on giving and his new release ‘Midnight Walk’ is an early Christmas gift.

Kicking off, Zipten takes us to another world with a beat tap which stays away from the norm and a lead hook which meets a funky summer guitar rhythm. The rest is history from this point, and Zipten unleashes the goods like never before.

You can take a listen to ‘Midnight Walk’ by Zipten below.

Minna Ora Releases ‘Sea’

Words By Max Jordan.

Minna Ora is sending a shockwave across the indie realm with her mesmerising new release, ‘Sea’.

Fusing modern hooks with a nostalgic vibe, Minna smashes through the industry noise with genuine conviction. Her confidence drips from the track like a leaking tap, and her timbre could cut through any glass.

Musically, ‘Sea’ is a mixture of all things potent in indie and folk. Furthermore, the instrumental glides through the airwaves with bite, and it leaves an indent instantly.

Julia Thomsen Glistens With New Christmas Track

Words By Max Jordan.

Julia Thomsen brings the festive feel good with her new release, ‘New Beginnings’. It is a track which takes influence from some of the most fantastic scores in Christmas history but yet it still charms with unique conviction.

Becoming a household name in the game, Julia smashes it here with her piercing the heartstrings from the get-go. Furthermore, the sounds leap out with a warm tone, and her approach to classical composing is refreshing.

So, is this the 2020 Christmas soundtrack we have all been craving? Absolutely and it is perfect for the wintery evenings sat beside the fireplace.

‘New Beginnings’ is out on the 4th December and all proceeds are going to the Shelter charity.

Pre-save here.

Zipten Is Back With ‘Volcano Sunset’

Words By Max Jordan.

Zipten rises to the top once again with his latest release ‘Volcano Sunset’.

Bringing warmth to our soul, the producer hits the ball out of the park with a delivery which you will struggle to locate elsewhere. Moreover, ‘Volcano Sunset’ glides high from the get-go and although no words leap out of the mix, a meaning of joy is omnipresent.

As the track progresses, Zipten delves deep into his tool kit, and he returns with a mixture of sounds which give the track unique flavour. Also, towards the latter, the finale drops with colossal effect leaving us itching for another fix.

Zipten Releases ‘Cube Escape’

Words By Max Jordan.

Zipten unleashes an instrumental gem like no other with ‘Cube Escape’. It is a track which drives forward with bite and the quality which the Milan based producer has put on display is refreshing.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, ‘Cube Escape’ kicks off with a thumping rhythm with a beat which will knock you off your chair. A synth arrangement then rises to the top of the mix with a cinematic angle. The structure then changes entirely with a myriad of new sounds popping out left, right and centre.

As the track progresses, it becomes even more potent, and it hits the sweet spot impeccably.

Kendow Releases ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’

Words By Max Jordan.

Kendow is flying high with his new release ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’ which provides optimism at a time of uncertainty.

The track speaks for the generation with us all being able to relate with the lyricism (unless you have been living under a rock, which may be a better alternative to the current times). For me, I enjoy how Kendow gets straight to the point, and by bringing in vocal support from Vanessa Bartley, they hit the nail on the head.

Vanessa shines with delight, and her vocal quality is impressive. She sings with her all, and I can almost feel her passion with her every word articulating well. Also, musically, this new track is exciting with a feel-good rhythm pushing the track forward.

Tanaka Makoni Releases ‘The Streets’

Words By Max Jordan.

Tanaka Makoni is back with her impressive new track ‘The Streets’.

It is the follow-up single from her previous hit ‘Lust’, and it is everything which you would come to expect from the rising star. Furthermore, ‘The Streets’ speaks for the generation with a bold message driving the track forward from the start.

Also, Tanaka oozes with confidence with her self-assurance dripping all over the mix. She sounds sharper than ever, and her ability to mix up her sound is refreshing, proving her versatility as a musician. Additionally, the music boasts a robust foundation, and it leaves a long-lasting impression.