Francesca Luker, ‘Thanks Coincidence’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

‘Thanks Coincidence’ by Francesca Luker is a hot new release which is perfect for the new year. This new EP is all about finding positives in unexpected occurrences and Francesca from Bristol hits the nail on the head with her delivery.

Featuring five tracks, all which have a mouth-watering texture, this EP is one to fall in love with immediately. Her vocals shine brightly as she stuns with her impressive vocal range. Also, her storytelling leaves room for thought as she speaks about the complexities of love, life and everything in between.

Stream below. More updates from Francesca Luker here.

Photo Credit: Francesca Luker.

Thomas Cole, ‘Late To Bloom’ – Album

Words By Sam Wetherby.

With the release of his new album, ‘Late To Bloom’, Thomas Cole brings a sound that is fresher than a box of gum. The kind of artist who never settles for less than the best pushes things to an entirely new level with this 11-track gem, which includes hits that we have previously reviewed, such as ‘Execute The Vision’ and ‘Cringe’, as well as others! However, much to our surprise, he has also unveiled two new bangers, ‘Pass The Baton’ and ‘This World & The Next’. Both of these additions provide something fresh to the album.

‘Late to Bloom’, which is also the album’s title track, kicks off the album. From this song, we get an idea of what the remainder of the album will sound like. It is an effective intro, and it carves out an elegant way to get into the well-known ‘Fairy Tales’. My particular fave is the song ‘Up in Smoke’, which can be found around halfway through the album; it is this song that has been spinning in my ears for most of summer 2023! The album wraps up with ‘Pass The Baton’, a highly engaging track which will ring out for a long time.

Photo Credit: Thomas Cole.

Von Venn, ‘Hero’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

It is always a nice feeling when one discovers a new favorite, and that is the exact way to sum up how I felt after hearing ‘Hero’ by Von Venn. Although I am not unfamiliar with the band and have listened to a large number of their earlier tracks, I cannot help but feel that this song is quite unique in comparison to their others.

I like how it has a warm, groovy vibe to it yet at the same time it fills the air around me with many indie textures. Gary, who possesses his own technique and distinctive quality, is responsible for providing the distinctive delivery of the vocals; he smashes it! Also, another pleasant surprise is the arrival of a female harmony at various points throughout the performance.

Steam below. More updates from Von Venn here.

Photo Credit: Von Venn.

Francesca Luker, ‘Sunshine’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

Francesca Luker just dropped ‘Sunshine’, and I’m totally here for it! Remember how she wowed us with “Promise Land”? Well, this new track takes her vocal game to a whole new level.

The chorus in ‘Sunshine’ is where Francesca absolutely shines (pun intended). She effortlessly glides over the music, belting out those notes like a boss. And she’s not afraid to get a little gritty, adding some serious depth to the song.

But here’s the thing – ‘Sunshine’ isn’t just about Francesca’s incredible vocals; it’s got this chill, feel-good vibe that’s like a musical getaway to paradise. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to close your eyes and just soak it all in.

I can’t wait to see what she does next! You can listen below.

Ervin Munir, ‘Pick up the Phone’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

Ah, without a doubt, the latest single from Ervin Munir, bearing the resplendent title ‘Pick up the Phone’, shall undoubtedly captivate the hearts of those fortunate enough to encounter its melodious embrace. This enthralling encounter emerges from the artistic genius of Norfolk’s very own Munir, whose penchant for amalgamating folk and indie elements into a distinct and remarkable fusion is well-known.

The single, an exultant expression of positivity and joy, is certain to elevate the spirits of its listeners, buoyed by the ethereal vocals of the enchanting Tina Blaber. Munir’s guitar artistry evokes a profound sense of nostalgia and solace, skillfully merging strength and warmth, enveloping us in a comforting reverie.

The rhythmic cadence established by the drums possesses an almost hypnotic allure, promptly compelling one’s body to sway gracefully in unison with its pulse. The harmonious convergence of Munir’s and Blaber’s voices adds a layer of celestial beauty and mellifluousness to the delivery, endowing it with profound depth and significance.

Ears at the ready, you can stream below.