Thomas Cole, ‘Late To Bloom’ – Album

Words By Sam Wetherby.

With the release of his new album, ‘Late To Bloom’, Thomas Cole brings a sound that is fresher than a box of gum. The kind of artist who never settles for less than the best pushes things to an entirely new level with this 11-track gem, which includes hits that we have previously reviewed, such as ‘Execute The Vision’ and ‘Cringe’, as well as others! However, much to our surprise, he has also unveiled two new bangers, ‘Pass The Baton’ and ‘This World & The Next’. Both of these additions provide something fresh to the album.

‘Late to Bloom’, which is also the album’s title track, kicks off the album. From this song, we get an idea of what the remainder of the album will sound like. It is an effective intro, and it carves out an elegant way to get into the well-known ‘Fairy Tales’. My particular fave is the song ‘Up in Smoke’, which can be found around halfway through the album; it is this song that has been spinning in my ears for most of summer 2023! The album wraps up with ‘Pass The Baton’, a highly engaging track which will ring out for a long time.

Photo Credit: Thomas Cole.