Ervin Munir, ‘Pick up the Phone’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

Ah, without a doubt, the latest single from Ervin Munir, bearing the resplendent title ‘Pick up the Phone’, shall undoubtedly captivate the hearts of those fortunate enough to encounter its melodious embrace. This enthralling encounter emerges from the artistic genius of Norfolk’s very own Munir, whose penchant for amalgamating folk and indie elements into a distinct and remarkable fusion is well-known.

The single, an exultant expression of positivity and joy, is certain to elevate the spirits of its listeners, buoyed by the ethereal vocals of the enchanting Tina Blaber. Munir’s guitar artistry evokes a profound sense of nostalgia and solace, skillfully merging strength and warmth, enveloping us in a comforting reverie.

The rhythmic cadence established by the drums possesses an almost hypnotic allure, promptly compelling one’s body to sway gracefully in unison with its pulse. The harmonious convergence of Munir’s and Blaber’s voices adds a layer of celestial beauty and mellifluousness to the delivery, endowing it with profound depth and significance.

Ears at the ready, you can stream below.