Saskia Griffiths-Moore, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Saskia, Let’s talk about your new album, ‘Together In Love And Separation’, what was the inspiration for creating the album?

Chandra Chakraborty reached out to me having heard of me as a folk singer and invited me over to play music together, tempting me with the offer of dinner too – how could I say no? Once we started playing we knew we had something beautiful and unusual here and set about creating an album project right away to show the world!

What was it like working with Chandra Chakraborty?

Chandra Chakraborty is a truly extraordinary human being. She moved in with her musical guru’s in her teenage years and they even helped arranged her marriage. In her culture it is extremely rare to find women who are empowered to perform and sing throughout their lives and music is not just a fun hobby for someone like her, it is something she dedicated decades of her life to, gave up living with her family for and it exists within a spiritual tradition. Without making a fuss about it, all of that tradition, that sacrifice, that intense dedication and spirituality is fused into who she is and how she performs and it has been an honour and privilege to work with her.

Saskia Griffiths-Moore
Photo Credit: Saskia Griffiths-Moore

Which composers in the current industry inspire you the most?

I am inspired by strong female vocalists of the western folk traditions, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Eva Cassidy, Gillian Welch to name but a few.

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g a certain room, or environment? 

I like to write on my boat. I find the peace and quiet of nature to be my best inspiration and while my boat is nothing fancy, floating on the water surrounded by trees and birds and knowing that no-one can hear me makes me feel safe to experiment. I will accept the living rooms of friends as a close second and of course, recording studios as a third favourite.

What is your first memory of music? 

Titanic! Remember the song ‘Near, far, wherever you are…’ – my earnest little 5 year old brain absorbed that song and I used to hum it to myself hoping someone would hear me and think it was nice and ask me to sing it properly. They almost never did but I grew a somewhat secret obsession with singing that only came out in my teenage years.

Photo Credit: Saskia Griffiths-Moore.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Walking In A Dream’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With her latest piece, “Walking in a Dream,” Julia Thomsen transports us to a state of bliss. She does not hold back with her performance here and she charms with a richness that is the ultimate respite from the daily madness. 

Julia Thomsen
@ Julia Thomsen

The arrangement of the piano and violin in “Walking In A Dream” is absolutely stunning, and the way that each instrument is layered on top of the other has us clinging to the arms of our chairs with glee. The path is not like many others, and it is accompanied by profound feelings as it unfolds.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.

Saskia Griffiths-Moore & Chandra Chakraborty, ‘Together in Love and Separation’

Words By Joey Rochert.

The new piece that Chandra Chakraborty and Saskia Griffiths-Moore have created, entitled ‘Together in Love and Separation’ has us completely enthralled. This album is incredibly euphoric in every way imaginable, and the duo’s ability to combine western and Indian musical traditions into a single piece is truly remarkable.

@ Rupert Hitchcox.

Vocally, both of them fly with unparalleled assurance, and they captivate us with every movement of their timbre when they are performing. The new album brings a classical aura that derives mainly from the traditional music of India, but it also includes layers of current and nostalgic folk music from the west, which adds additional flair and excitement to the overall experience.

There are a total of eight tracks on the album, and every one of them contributes something novel to the music industry. Because of this, you will not want to miss them performing live on July 19 at Cecil Sharpe House in London alongside the renowned London Chamber Orchestra, which will be led by Úna Palliser.

More information on the show at Cecil Sharpe House can be found here.

Photo Credit: Rupert Hitchcox.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Tender Love’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Julia Thomsen’s new composition, ‘Tender Love,’ follows up her previous piece, ‘The Butterfly Dream’.

Julia Thomsen
@ Julia Thomsen.

The artist who lives in London makes a significant step forward not just for herself but also for the gen

Her modern classical music approach is magnetic, and she leaves no stone unturned in her endeavour to soothe anyone who comes across her work. Originally from Scotland but now located in London, the composer delves even more profound with this new release, and her performance leaves goosebumps aviating.

Julia welcomes us to paradise with open arms in ‘Tender Love,’ which has a quality that is full of warmth and invites us all in.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Precious’

Words By Joey Rochert.

‘Precious,’ Julia Thomsen’s latest release, is capturing hearts all around the globe.

The release is quintessential, Julia, a lovely reflection of the world and a reminder of how valuable our surroundings are! Her art is the product of many years spent in nature, and she has a remarkable ability to resonate via her piano performance.

The composer employs innovative structures and tactics to detach from life’s stresses, capturing an irresistible spirit and generating difficult-to-find relaxation.

Listen to ‘Precious’ below to unwind.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Wonderness’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Julia Thomsen is full of sanguinity, and her latest composition, ‘Wonderness,’ is an excellent illustration of how far she’s come in the last several years.

Julia Thomsen

With each new release, the composer, raised in Scotland, improves, and she reaches a higher level here while still stripping back her composition. The core emphasis of this track is a piano configuration. Even though there aren’t many other elements supporting it, it still stands out with bold character and viscerally expresses itself.

Pre-save here.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.

Julia Thomsen, ‘Winter Love’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Julia Thomsen has ‘Winter Love,’ and she’s sharing it with her latest classic festive composition. The single comes after ‘Winter Rejoice’. While they both tread a similar journey to utopia, they bring something fresh to the forefront of holiday music.

Julia Thomsen

A slew of sounds appear in ‘Winter Love,’ keeping us on our toes while Julia serenades us with her lovely classical arrangement. She allows us to escape the madness of the pre-Christmas season and transports us to a place where we truly belong: a peaceful realm awash in wonder.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.

Montefalcone, ‘Duvet’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With his new release, ‘Duvet’, Montefalcone is sending a shockwave through the classical space.

@ Montefalcone

The Switzerland composer and music maker seizes us with this allure and slowly transports us to quiet pleasures. His music harkens back to former decades, and it’s simple to reminisce about happier periods in one’s life when listening to it. The music is dynamic, and the heartfelt emotion oozing from it tugs at the heartstrings.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Montefalcone.

Anesthis, ‘Prayer’

Words By Joey Rochert.

‘Prayer,’ by Anesthis, is the oeuvre that sticks out from the start with its unique appeal. Anesthis, who has been honing his craft for many years, rises to the occasion with energy here, showcasing his innate aptitude for putting together a magnificent piece.


The winding path-filled composition leads us on an exciting voyage with a soundscape that keeps us clutching like a biker’s mitt. It’s impossible not to be at ease when listening to the piano’s arrangement. Also, Anesthis’ ability to control the structure and be versatile too is impressive.

You can take a listen to ‘Prayer’ by Anesthis on Spotify below.

Photo Credit: Anesthis.

Julia Thomsen And Tre, ‘Barcelona Summer’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Julia Thomsen and Tre’s latest release, ‘Barcelona Summer,’ is relishing the summer air. The song is the duo’s first collaboration, and it gives us a glimpse into their mindset.

It’s lovely, with a serene, timeless design. The peaceful vibe of the birds in the opener is also enough to relax our stressed modern heads. In addition, as the music progresses, a piano arrangement grips the ears to every note, transforming it into a gorgeous masterpiece.

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen has a wealth of classical jewels under her belt, and she rarely collaborates with others. It does, however, pay off handsomely, giving her a new edge and allowing her to stand out even more in the competitive classical space. Tre also has a heavenly aspect that adds a lot of flavour to Julia’s music, and both composers sparkle with multicolour throughout the performance.

The piece is titled ‘Barcelona Summer,’ and it appears to be a reflection of the beautiful nature that surrounds the Spanish metropolis, as well as the summer vistas that surround us all. It’s a brilliant road that leads us away from our chair and into a lovely refuge.

It’s also likely to start many collaborations between the two composers, who evidently enjoyed working together on this piece. It’s a refreshing experience to hear two creative composers collaborate, and they don’t hold back in letting their personalities shine through as the work progresses.

Photo Credit: Julia Thomsen.