Julia Thomsen, ‘Paradise’

Words By Max Jordan.

Julia Thomsen is a composer who improves with every new composition. First, we had her ‘Sea Energise’ collection, and now we have the beautiful ‘Paradise’.

Similar to the title, the flow leads us to paradise with a serene soundscape that is peaceful and memorable. Also, we hear another string to Julia’s bow with a heavenly violin lead inviting with harmonically-rich texture. Like her previous releases, Julia soothes with her piano arrangement piercing the heartstrings with deep emotion.

You can take a listen to ‘Paradise’ by Julia Thomsen below.

Julia Thomsen Glistens With New Christmas Track

Words By Max Jordan.

Julia Thomsen brings the festive feel good with her new release, ‘New Beginnings’. It is a track which takes influence from some of the most fantastic scores in Christmas history but yet it still charms with unique conviction.

Becoming a household name in the game, Julia smashes it here with her piercing the heartstrings from the get-go. Furthermore, the sounds leap out with a warm tone, and her approach to classical composing is refreshing.

So, is this the 2020 Christmas soundtrack we have all been craving? Absolutely and it is perfect for the wintery evenings sat beside the fireplace.

‘New Beginnings’ is out on the 4th December and all proceeds are going to the Shelter charity.

Pre-save here.

Julia Thomsen Releases ‘Beauty Inside And Out’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Neo-classical is a genre which I am not hugely familiar. However, I know a potent composition when I hear one, and the new release ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ by Julia Thomsen is mesmerising.

Kicking off with a piano melody, Julia instantly gets us reaching for the tissues with its sincere emotion. The piece grows as it advances with a medley of new tones popping to the forefront with a synthesiser hook captivating as it reaches for the culmination.

‘Beauty Inside And Out’ provides plenty of gravitas, and its solemn vibe paradoxically gets the feel-good emotions soaring. Also, the empowering build-up is awe-inspiring. You can take a listen to ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ by Julia Thomsen below.