Spectral Display, ‘Slowly’

Words By Emily Kowalczyk.

Spectral Display’s latest track, ‘Slowly,’ embodies the carefree essence of summer in all its splendor. For those of you reluctant to bid farewell to the summer months, this one’s for you! It exudes warmth with an electrifying touch that unlocks the chambers of our hearts.

The already compelling instrumental takes on an even greater level of sophistication with the addition of Prince Chapelle and Lachi’s vocal contributions. Michel, the producer, fearlessly explores new horizons while remaining true to the sound that propelled the group to new heights decades ago, and he delivers a stellar performance here.

Photo Credit: Spectral Display.

Kingdumb, ‘Ecstasy’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

Kingdumb keeps proving he’s a true powerhouse in the music industry with ‘Ecstasy’. The track’s got the feel-good flowing from ever pore, and you will be hooked!

You know Kingdumb always brings that top-notch production quality, thats what he does here! Also, let me tell you, even the most reserved folks will struggle to not move to the enticing beat. The bass is also intense, and it will hit you deep in the soul! So, get ready, you can have some ‘Ecstasy’ below.

Kingdumb, ‘Sun Blinging’

Words By Joey Rochert.

If you’re looking for a track that perfectly blends the old with the new, look no further than Kingdumb’s latest release, ‘Sun Blinging’ which is out now! With a funky guitar melody that would make Nile Rodgers get giddy, Kingdumb effortlessly blends elements of classic funk with his signature electronic sound.

And that’s not all – Kingdumb also shows off his impressive skills as a modern music producer and songwriter, incorporating various bass tones and rhythm sections that keep the energy high from start to finish. It is a testament to his approach to music and we have to take our hat off to him here!

But what sets this track apart is its ability to make us move and want to party. From the moment the guitar kicks in, we find yourself tapping our feet, unable to resist the infectious groove. And as the song progresses, the energy builds, culminating in a climax that has us hooked!

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Kingdumb, ‘The One’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kingdumb is firing on all cylinders with the release of ‘The One’. The fresh arrival from the producer also comes with ‘Hero’, a b-side which is just as strong!

Yet another stride for the producer, ‘The One’, picks up where the producer left off and introduces a new edge for the creator from Swindom. Furthermore, there is a newfound style here while still incorporating elements from Kingdumb’s past work. The determination to craft a big hit is present here, and Kingdumb holds nothing back!

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Kingdumb, ‘Do It Like Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

The release of ‘Do It Like Me’ by Swindon’s ascendant producer Kingdumb draws us back in. Fresh and flavorful, “Do It Like Me” is the ideal song to kick off the New Year. It is not completely novel for the new beginning, but it continues to make enormous strides following its first debut in late 2022.

The bass drop is enormous, and we can feel the floor shaking as the song erupts from the speakers. Also, the layering of synthesisers and infectious percussion fills have us bopping along from beginning to end, excitedly anticipating what Kingdumb has in store for 2023.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Wicked Expectation, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, Let’s talk about your new single, ‘Moving Clockwise’, what is the meaning? 

Time is elusive. It proceeds swiftly in a straight line, always forward and without waiting for us. Being on this continuous and unstoppable path, leads us to ask ourselves many questions about the present and the future. But as far as we go forward, everything, meant as what shapes all things, is also a cyclical trajectory. It returns, never the same as before but always ready to come back to itself. Just as the hands of the clock move swirling towards their origin and then overtake it again and go beyond it countless times. Life proceeds inexorably forward too and in a circle, retracing each step and acquiring new form. 

We wanted to address this issue and explore its complexity through music. 

Which artists in the current industry inspire you the most?

We are influenced by many genres. For sure our favorite artists in the game today are Moderat and Bonobo for the “Elegant” electronic, Bicep for the ethereal atmospheres, Boards of Canada for the ambience, but there are many many more…

Wicked Expectation
Photo Credit: Wicked Expectation.

What is the best thing about being a musician in 2022?

Surely the possibility to work by distance. We rarely compose songs during rehearsals. Most of the time we start by ideas and we structure the track by ourselves in our “home studios”. 

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g a certain room, or environment?

Everyone has his own place, but the ideas are built together in our studio in Milan. This is also the place where we tune the live set.

What is your first memory of music? 

Everyone of us have different approaches to music, especially when we talk about music genres. From alternative rock to math rock, electronic and also metal! This variety has helped to build our own style, as a band.

Photo Credit: Wicked Expectation.

Kingdumb, ‘Drive With Me’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kingdumb is putting the pedal to the metal with his latest single, ‘Drive With Me’. A ferocious electronic hit that braces itself for what is likely to be a long and winding ride across the electro scene! The Swindon-based producer has no limits, as evidenced by the fact that he is reaching for his toolkit again soon after releasing ‘Basic.’

‘Drive With Me’ boasts an infectious groove that plays alongside a synth loop that descends and ascends while a bass line plays next to it. The song has some interesting turns, and Kingdumb’s vocal contribution is ear-catching.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Wicked Expectation, ‘Moving Clockwise’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Wicked Expectation are sending a shockwave over the electronic space with their new single, ‘Moving Clockwise’. The band from Italy hit all the right notes here, and we cannot get enough of it!

‘Moving Clockwise’ is the summer treat we have been aching for without realising, and the four-piece smash it out of the park with their offering. The soundtrack is enthralling, and the multitude of sounds which emerge as the music progresses keeps us on our toes for the duration.

You can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Wicked Expectation.

Spectral Display, ‘Runnin For Your Love’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Spectral Display are the band that always comes through with the goods, and they have just released one of the most noteworthy new summer tracks! Their single ‘Runnin’ For Your Love’ is like a gift that keeps giving; it grows and shines more brightly with each listen!

The group continually proves why this genre of music will stand the test of time, and they excite us time and time again. Also, each group member rises to the occasion with full force as the electricity flowing through the track throbs.

Photo Credit: Spectral Display.

Kingdumb, ‘Basic’

Words By Joey Rochert.

We are all dancing frantically around the room to the most recent offering from Kingdumb, ‘Basic’. The prolific rate at which the music producer is putting out new songs for us to enjoy hints at the enormous discography that he possesses.

@ Kingdumb.

The song ‘Eastern Peak’, which also makes its debut, has a vibe that is somewhat different to ‘Basic’ but yet works nicely alongside it. It is clear that Kingdumb is driven by his passion for electro, and if he continues to hit all of the right notes—which he is—it is only a matter of time before he competes with the most accomplished players in the game.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.