Lost Blonde, ‘Wide Awake’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Lost Blonde’s latest single, ‘Wide Awake’, is a dazzling display of star quality. Drawing inspiration from the legendary pop icons, including Swifty, Lost Blonde seamlessly blends into the contemporary music scene while offering a unique appeal that’s impossible to refuse!

In ‘Wide Awake’, Lost Blonde’s vocals take center stage, delivered with an exquisite level of precision, unwavering confidence, and an unmistakable passion that envelops the listener. With each note, she weaves a spellbinding narrative that creates an emotional connection that resonates deeply.

The music accompanying her vocals is equally charming. Moreover, ‘Wide Awake’ boasts a feel-good cadence that immediately sets the hips in motion.

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: Lost Blonde.