North Ship, ‘It Looked Like Rain’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Bold as you like, North Ship from Copenhagen rock up with new album, ‘It Looked Like Rain’. From the first spin, this album proves to be one to keep close. The album starts with the title track, a massive stadium filling overture fills our ears ahead of a catchy verse driven by contagious vocal melodies.

Into ‘Scent’, a single the band had previously released and here we come to realise that this two piece are not giving half measures. They have their talents synergising with a sound which could easily be compared to that of those towering at the top of the charts. ‘Good and Gone’ is a personal favourite of mine. It has a quirky edge to it with syncopated drum strikes and a bold instrumental.

The album wraps up with ‘From the Living’, a track which sums the record up perfectly with its silky-smooth guitar riffs and thought-provoking storyline.

You can stream below.

Photo Credit: North Ship