EMG Group, The Interview Series.

A recent interview with Evan from Experience Music Group.

Hello, Evan. Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that sparked your interest in music and ultimately led you to pursue it as a career?

Have you ever heard of the French phrase ‘coup de foudre?’ It literally means hit by lightning. My ‘coup de foudre’ moment came from my deep love for the fusion of music and film. It struck me like lightning during my teenage years when I first experienced the transformative power of OMD’s ‘If You Leave’ soundtrack in the iconic prom scene of John Hughes’ ‘Pretty In Pink.’ That moment ignited a passion within me for the magic of music in storytelling. It was this fascination with the emotional impact of soundtracked moments that inspired me to establish my own music licensing, artist development, and digital marketing agency. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work alongside up-and-coming artists, guiding them in shaping their brands and careers, and helping them share their unique voices with the world.

Who is your favorite musician of all time?

My favorite band of all time is the legendary band Queen. Their impact on the music industry is unparalleled, marked by hit singles, electrifying live performances, and a trailblazing originality that continues to inspire generations. What sets Queen apart for me is their ability to leverage the unique personalities of each member to create a sound that transcends genres and defines an era. Their authenticity, emotion, and boundless energy shine through in every song, making them timeless icons. Freddy Mercury’s unbelievable vocal range and Brian May’s unmistakable guitar riffs are just a few reasons why Queen’s music resonates with me so deeply. Their collaborative songwriting approach, with hits penned by different band members, exemplifies their diverse talent and collective genius.

Music has the power to shape cultures and societies. Can you discuss a specific movement in music history that has profoundly influenced you, and why it resonates with you?

Music has always been a profound force in shaping cultures and societies, and for me, one movement in music history stands out: the rise of iconic film scores in the 1980s. Growing up during this era, I was completely entranced by blockbuster movies like Star Wars, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T., which were not only visually stunning but also accompanied by unforgettable musical compositions. Listening to the scores from these films was like a magical journey back to the sense of wonder and excitement that defined my childhood. One particular experience that has stayed with me was attending a live performance by John Williams at The Hollywood Bowl. Seeing him conduct the scores of these beloved films brought the music to life in a way that was incredibly powerful and deeply resonant. It reinforced the transformative power of music and its ability to evoke emotions and memories, leaving an indelible mark on my appreciation for the art form.

What is the best thing about working in the music industry?

The best thing about working in the music industry, for me, is the opportunity to help artists discover their “why” and guide them in shaping their careers. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about being a part of an artist’s journey, witnessing their growth, and helping them share their unique voice with the world. Whether it’s assisting in defining their brand, refining their messaging, or navigating the complexities of the industry, the ability to make a meaningful impact on an artist’s career trajectory is both rewarding and inspiring.

Photo Credit: Evan (EMG).