Ervin Munir, The Interview Series.

Hello, Ervin! What inspired the theme of seizing opportunities and pursuing aspirations in “Chase The Moon,” and how does it resonate with your personal experiences?

This song reflects my music career to date. To make it in the music business you need to take risks artistically and physically (by putting yourself out here) to create a unique impression and to get known. Fear is what has held me back in the past and I feel like I’m finally conquering it. 

Can you walk us through the creative process behind “Chase The Moon,” from its inception to its final production?

The trigger for this song was a thriller series I was watching on Sky TV. The protagonist said “Let’s chase the moon” or something like that. I stopped watching and went immediately to my studio and began writing. 

I hit on a theme of travelling to exotic places as a metaphor for taking risks, and began writing the lyrics. I felt that it needed to be a simply structured song to more easily get the message across. 

I sang a melody in my head for the first line and a chord sequence emerged.

It was one of my quicker songs to write. 

Collaborations often bring fresh perspectives and new dimensions to music. How did working with Aeron Z Jones on lap steel and mandolin accompaniments influence the sound and feel of “Chase The Moon”?

I play this song live a lot, so I was already happy with the acoustic version. But Aeron’s sensitive playing of the mandolin and especially the lap-steel guitar gave the studio version much more depth and interest. He also played a bit of classical guitar on it I think and that little solo is really nice. I really like working with Aeron in the studio. I recommend him.

“Chase The Moon” seems to mark a significant evolution in your musical style. Could you share any intentional artistic choices or explorations you made in this single that differ from your previous releases?

It’s one of those things that I don’t want to investigate in depth because it feels fragile and I might break it. I haven’t done anything consciously to change my musical style. 

That said, these days  I am more willing to explore sounds beyond the acoustic soundscape I usually use. This doesn’t really show itself so much in “Chase the Moon” but is more obvious in some of the other singles, and the album, I’ll be releasing later this year. 

With the release of “Chase The Moon” and the promise of more music to come, what overarching message or journey do you hope to convey to your audience through your upcoming releases, including the anticipated second album?

I think people will see an evolution in style over time, and like both the stuff on “Broken Compass” (2023), and the stuff on the new album. Most people that follow me know I am on a journey and they have been impressed with what they have heard so far. I hope they continue to follow me as I take more risks and chase the moon on this journey. 

Photo Credit: Ervin Munir.