Karuna, ‘Tipping Point And Shape Of Water’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Karuna are back and stronger than ever with two new tracks, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Shape Of Water.’

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Both singles stand out and hit home with their relevancy to the world around us right now, each conveying their own distinct storey. Furthermore, Abi, the group’s singer, speaks frankly about the amount of harm we are doing to the globe and the urgent need to do something; she uses the song ‘Tipping Point’ as a metaphor for humanity driving the planet over the edge of no return. ‘Shape Of Water’ carries the message, as both tracks emerge with an early music texture and a spectacular vocal performance from Abi.

Photo Credit: Karuna.

Christie Reeves, ‘Thaw’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Christie Reeves is making a name for herself this week with her new track, ‘Thaw’. The track is now available, and you won’t want to miss it!

The singer-songwriter has been polishing her art for some years, and ‘Thaw’ takes her to a new level of sophistication. It is poignant, and it portrays the journey of discovering our true selves. It’s a narrative that many people will find familiar, and Christie expresses herself without dissonance. Her vocals are full of flavour, and the music is memorable.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Christie Reeves.

Karuna, ‘Heartsease’

Words By Max Jordan.

Karuna are the up and coming folk group who delve into an unorthodox realm with ‘Heartsease’.

It is a release that is akin to no other in the modern space, given it a unique edge from the opening second. It opens with a dreamy vocal from frontwoman Abi, and although she speaks a message about modern society, she takes hints from early world music vocally.

As the track progresses, the soundscape opens up with welcoming arms, greeting us to an infectous fiddle and a captivating guitar rhythm.

You can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Karuna.