Ervin Munir, ‘Chase The Moon’

Words By Emily Kowalczyk.

I recently got sent Ervin Munir’s latest track, “Chase The Moon,” and it’s left a strong mark on me. With each strum of Ervin’s acoustic guitar, I felt myself drawn deeper into the wall of sound he delivers. Also, what sets this track apart is the accompaniment of Aeron Z Jones’ lap steel and mandolin.

Their collaboration is one to rave about! it breaths new life into Ervin’s already distinctive playing style. Moreover, the interplay between the instruments adds layers of depth and texture, elevating each track to new heights.

As someone who’s been a fan since Ervin’s “She Never Made Old Bones” days, I can confidently say that “Chase The Moon” is a bold step forward in his musical journey. It’s a track that demands to be listened to, not just heard, and one that will linger in your mind long after the final chord fades away.

You can stream below.

Photo Credit: Ervin Munir