Tanya Walker, ‘Good Days, Bad Days’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Tanya Walker, triumphantly emerging as the victor of Talent Is Timeless’ prestigious songwriting competition, leaves a strong mark with her latest offering, “Good Days, Bad Days”.

Recorded amidst the hallowed halls of Abbey Road Studios, this track serves as a refreshing gust of wind in the folk music scene, capturing our attention with its magnetic allure. Walker’s vocal performance isn’t just noteworthy; it’s compelling, blending tales of life’s complexities.

With each lyric, she unearths the depths of human experience, speaking with a candor that is both refreshing and profound. So much so, with “Good Days, Bad Days,” Tanya Walker invites us on all on a voyage of introspection.

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: Tanya Walker.