MXY, ‘Mind, Body & Soul’

Words By Joey Rochert.

MXY’s comeback single, ‘Mind, Body & Soul,’ is flying high. The Asian rapper from Bradford makes an appearance unlike any other!


The singer and music creator demonstrates her versatility here, unique and not afraid to push the envelope. She adopts a standard style in today’s game but adds a particular enthusiasm to create a post-genre vibe all her own. Her vocal tones enthral the ears, as does the music, which drips with excitement from beginning to end.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: MXY.

Xavier, ‘Marooned Again’

Words By Joey Rochert.

The North Carolina-based hip hop and dark pop singer Xavier has returned with a new single called ‘Marooned Again.’


Xavier’s innovative approach to music captures attention from the minute he picks up the microphone. He’s fresh, and his charm seeps out of every note like a dripping faucet. The music is equally as captivating, with a futuristic synth loop and a percussion rhythm that will grab you in no time.

Overall, it is a terrific delivery from Xavier and one that we will remember for a long time!

Photo Credit: Xavier.

780 Masochist, ‘Memories’

Words By Joey Rochert.

780 Masochist gives us the chills with his new release, ‘Memories’. It is a spooky track, yet something unique about it drags us back time and time again.

The opener kicks everything off in style ahead of a powerful rap performance from Canadian 780 Masochist. He is on point with his technique, and he smashes through his delivery with ease. Also, another exciting component about this track is the engaging beat rhythm which taps with unorthodox stamps.

Overall, a smashing track from 780 Masochist and one we will be keeping close for some time.

Photo Credit: 780 Masochist.

Kingdumb, ‘JDM’

Words By Max Jordan.

Kingdumb is back, and he means business with his new gem, ‘JDM’. It is a track that cements the rappers name even deeper into the songbook, and he takes the listener on an unforgettable journey from the outset.

Vocally, Kingdumb is a breath of fresh air with an approach which you will struggle to locate elsewhere in the modern game. Likewise, the music is exciting with a flow that leaves an indent.

You can check out ‘JDM’ by Kingdumb below.

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Photo Credit: Kingdumb.

Untold Poet Is Back With ‘Don’t Understand’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Truth speaker, Untold Poet stupefies with his new release, ‘Don’t Understand’.

Hailing from Essex, the up and coming rapper is spreading his wings, and he sends a shockwave across the industry with this gem. It brings a contagious cadence and the instrumental foundation grips from the outset.

Rapping with his heart on his sleeve, Untold Poet accelerates through with admirable skill. His integrity rises to the top of the mix, and his words hit home with a story about real life.

You can take a listen to ‘Don’t Understand’ by Untold Poet below.

BeckMilli Drops ‘Gotham’

Words By Ava Jordan.

BeckMilli catapults into the new year with her latest release ‘Gotham’.

Smashing through the industry noise, BeckMilli rises to the top with a quality which is difficult to refuse. Her ability to have us hanging on the edge of our seat is stimulating with the Londoner taking us on an adventure from the very start.

As the track progresses, the mix becomes even more potent, and BeckMilli’s infectious rap slaps us round the chops like a wet kipper.

Check it out below.

Tanaka Makoni Releases ‘The Streets’

Words By Max Jordan.

Tanaka Makoni is back with her impressive new track ‘The Streets’.

It is the follow-up single from her previous hit ‘Lust’, and it is everything which you would come to expect from the rising star. Furthermore, ‘The Streets’ speaks for the generation with a bold message driving the track forward from the start.

Also, Tanaka oozes with confidence with her self-assurance dripping all over the mix. She sounds sharper than ever, and her ability to mix up her sound is refreshing, proving her versatility as a musician. Additionally, the music boasts a robust foundation, and it leaves a long-lasting impression.

Suman Releases ‘Let Go’

Words By Ava Jordan.

Suman rises to the top once again with her new single ‘Let Go’. It is a track which cements the British songwriter deep in the history books, and her quality is awe-inspiring.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, this new single boasts a captivating vocal which leaves an indent. Also, the musical direction is refreshing, given that it delves into a new space with a rhythm which will have you swaying to its nail-biting texture.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ is what I have been craving without realising. Also, it is the start of a new era for Suman. As a result, this fresh approach is undoubtedly going to take her to the masses.

Da Poloman And Sara Alavi Release ‘Lost At First Sight’

Words By Max Jordan.

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have teamed up for one of the most refreshing hip hop releases I have come across in recent times. Between them, they shine like a beaming light, and the quality they display is challenging to criticize.

‘Love At First Sight’ is a track which plucks at the heartstrings. It kicks off with a potent opener with a piano melody gliding through the airwaves with an orchestral arrangement meeting it with piercing quality. We are then with a top-class vocal from Sara Alavi who sings with angelic tone. Da Poloman then rises with a top-class rap which will have you gravitating towards his determination.

The track pushes through the rest of the noise in the industry. Also, it takes us on an adventure from the get-go, and it will have you hooked.

Jameel Mason Unleashes Hip Hop Gem

Words By Ava Jordan.

What I love most about Jameel Mason is that he keeps evolving as a musician. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ takes him on a new direction with a sound which you will struggle to locate elsewhere.

‘Quarantine Mami’ speaks for the generation. He sings about a topic which many will relate with and his ability to inspire is captivating. Vocally, Jameel Mason hits all the sweet spots with a vocal which makes him stand out uniquely. I also relish how he sings from his heart with a delivery which gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money.

Taking hints from the greats, Jameel has introduced a new sound of his own. Also, he recruits support from a female vocalist who shines like a beaming light towards the end of the record. Between them both, they unleash a track which is going to be echoing out of hip hop basements for quite some time.

Therefore, grab this one while it is hot! You can take a listen below.