Da Poloman And Sara Alavi Release ‘Lost At First Sight’

Words By Max Jordan.

Da Poloman and Sara Alavi have teamed up for one of the most refreshing hip hop releases I have come across in recent times. Between them, they shine like a beaming light, and the quality they display is challenging to criticize.

‘Love At First Sight’ is a track which plucks at the heartstrings. It kicks off with a potent opener with a piano melody gliding through the airwaves with an orchestral arrangement meeting it with piercing quality. We are then with a top-class vocal from Sara Alavi who sings with angelic tone. Da Poloman then rises with a top-class rap which will have you gravitating towards his determination.

The track pushes through the rest of the noise in the industry. Also, it takes us on an adventure from the get-go, and it will have you hooked.

Jameel Mason Unleashes Hip Hop Gem

Words By Ava Jordan.

What I love most about Jameel Mason is that he keeps evolving as a musician. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ takes him on a new direction with a sound which you will struggle to locate elsewhere.

‘Quarantine Mami’ speaks for the generation. He sings about a topic which many will relate with and his ability to inspire is captivating. Vocally, Jameel Mason hits all the sweet spots with a vocal which makes him stand out uniquely. I also relish how he sings from his heart with a delivery which gives the bigger hitters a genuine run for their money.

Taking hints from the greats, Jameel has introduced a new sound of his own. Also, he recruits support from a female vocalist who shines like a beaming light towards the end of the record. Between them both, they unleash a track which is going to be echoing out of hip hop basements for quite some time.

Therefore, grab this one while it is hot! You can take a listen below.

Suman Teams Up With Ayo Beatz For Huge New Track

Words By Ava Jordan.

Suman and Ayo Beatz have teamed up for one of the biggest hip hop dancehall tracks of recent times.

Blending a nostalgic feel from greats who came before, the pair have also introduced a new sound which you will struggle to find elsewhere. ‘Crazy Over You’ is a track which cements their talent deep, and the vocal which Suman provides is awe-inspiring.


Confidence drips from this track, and the melody is hard to resist. Also, the music is tight, direct, and it gives the rest of the piece a foundation which is sturdy and influential.

Check out ‘Crazy Over You’ below.

Tanaka Makoni Smashes It With ‘Lust’

Words by Louise Sako.

East London female hip hop star Tanaka Makoni mesmerises with her new release ‘Lust’. So much so, I cannot get enough.

The track kicks off with a steady beat which grips from the get-go. I relish the angelic vocal harmony in the prelude section too because it instantly plucks away at the heartstrings.

Once we are out of the intro, Tanaka Makoni greets us with an unforgettable vocal performance with her singing with her heart firmly on her sleeve. She sings with genuine confidence, and it is hard not to get onto her wavelength with her infectious charm shining through like a beacon.

The chorus melody line is hugely poignant. It makes you grip to it with dear life, and Tanaka Makoni proves she is a hip hop heavyweight with her signature sound flying high with each word articulating well.

You can take a listen to ‘Lust’ by Tanaka Makoni below.

The Hassan Assassin Set To Release ‘Come Over’

The Hassan Assassin is set to drop his latest single ‘Come Over’. It is a bright track with bold lyricism and a hip hop beat which cements itself deep.

I could not help but get onto the rappers wavelength here on this track. Hassan sings with confidence which is hard to fault and his ability to articulate well resonates with each word hitting home.

The music grips too and he blends contemporary hooks with a nostalgic vibe giving the track plenty of new flavour while also taking the best from yesteryear. Also, it is refreshing to see a hip hop artist delve genuinely into his own space carving a unique sound of his own.

Overall, it is one of the most beautiful hip hop tracks to come out in recent months. As a result, there is just about something for everybody here.

Complex Releases ‘Where We Came From’

Words by Max Jordan.

Complex is one of the freshest names to come out of the UK Hip Hop game in recent times. But, he does stick to the norm. He blends a pleasant mix of pop with a funky beat which will grip you and not let you go.

His new release ‘Where We Came From’ is testament to the musicians quality. It has a sense of nostalgia with influences from yesteryear being very much present. But, he also brings a contemporary vibe with a vocal which is profound in its own right.

It kicks off with a smooth intro with a heavenly backing vocal being present. We are then with a robust performance from Chris Peevor, also known as Complex. He speaks with his heart on his sleeve, and he does not mince any of his words. The story is about talking about the past. Looking back at the streets where we all hail. He speaks volumes with his lyrical prowess, and it is a track which will take you on an unforgettable journey.

JOSHUi Grips Us With ‘Ends’

Words by Alfie Mcdowell.

JOSHUi is a legend in his own right. He is a Hip Hop gem which many are starting to notice. Why? Because he has a quality which speaks for the masses. Also, his musical ability is going from strength to strength with each release gripping us into his brand even more.

I am relishing his new release ‘Ends’. It is a style of music which I do not usually review, but I knew I had to once I tuned into it. I like how he is speaking his story, and he puts it cleverly into a smash hit. It is almost like a short film with his lyrical tongue, taking us on an unforgettable journey. He speaks about his community. There is no end for JOSHUi, even if it appears there is.

His music shouts volume. It starts with a siren ringing out before a strong instrumental and sublime rap from the London based artist. He boasts a sound which we hear quite a lot now coming from the underground grime scene. But, he is not shadowing anyone. It is what sticks out to me the most. He is unique with his delivery, and although there are influences from the greats, it is still fresher than a bag of apples.

Say what you like about Grime. But one thing we all cannot dispute is its massive rise over the last few years. We could hail thanks to the likes of Stormzy and Skepta for making it more commercial and better known. But, artists like JOSHUi are also leading the path and taking us into a new realm of this exciting space. Therefore, if I were you, I would grab this one while it is hot. You can listen to ‘Ends’ by JOSHUI below.