North Ship, The Interview Series.

Words By Joey Rochert.

Hello, North Ship, Let’s talk about your new single, ‘Scent’, what is the meaning? 

I was a pallbearer at the funeral of one of my Guy Bailey, who was the co-founder of The Quireboys and one of my oldest friends. “Scent” is a positive message about how we can choose to remember people we lose. 

Which artists in the current industry inspire you the most?

Gosh, that’s a tricky one. I don’t think there’s a single artist who inspires me the most but I do like music that does something new with a genre. I love Wet Leg for example, although them being from the Isle of Wight definitely contributes to that! I like French The Kid as well.

What is the best thing about being a musician in 2023?

The democratization of recording and releasing music. 

Is there a certain place you often go to write? E.g. a certain room, or environment?

Not really, to be honest. I try to keep within arm’s reach of a pen and paper, and I’ve always got my phone on me to record an idea.

What is your first memory of music?

I have a vague recollection of hearing “Substitute” by The Who on the radio but I could be wrong!

Photo Credit: North Ship.