D•SIPAUL Releases ‘It’s No Good’

Words By Max Jordan.

D•SIPAUL rises to the top with his new release ‘It’s No Good’. It is the first track I have come across by D•SIPAUL, and I am still asking myself why? He has a delightful quality, and he stands out for all the right reasons.

‘It’s No Good’ sees the producer team up with vocalist, Freya Alley, Between them they shine like a radiant light and the hard work they have put into this release is paying off tenfold. Furthermore, it all gets underway with an electronic direction with a rising overture which greets a nail-biting rhythm with ease.

Freya then leaps forward with a mesmerising vocal performance. She sings with a heavenly tone, and she leaves an indent with genuine emotion dripping from her every word.