Quique Gomez and Little Charlie Baty, ‘Cookin’ At Greaseland’

Words By Emily Kowalczyk.

As “Cookin’ At Greaseland” roars onto the scene, brace yourself for a cacophony of auditory pleasures! Thanks to Gulf Coast Records, this newest masterpiece by the dynamic duo of Quique Gomez and Little Charlie Baty—along with the musical talents of Kid Andersen and Alexander Pettersen—is set to be released on April 26th, 2024.

“Cookin’ At Greaseland” is a passionate and heartfelt tribute to the great Little Charlie Baty, who passed away too soon. This album, compiled and produced by Kid Andersen, takes listeners on a whirlwind tour through a wide range of musical styles, from infectious jump tracks to heartfelt blues ballads. The magic that happens when talent, passion, and new ideas meet is captured on every note.

The lead track, “Thirstiest Man In Town,” which is currently available, instantly grabs your attention! In this track, you can feel the soul-wrenching agony expressed through the haunting harmonica, while Gomez’s vocals, laden with pain, unveil the essence of human existence. Baty’s guitar work adds a compelling mix of raw emotion and polished technique, intensifying the themes of hopelessness and redemption. And let’s not forget about Andersen’s performance—it’s simply mesmerizing, capturing every subtle nuance and whisper of despair with crystalline clarity and depth. It’s truly remarkable.

You can stream “Thirstiest Man In Town” below.

Photo Credit: Gulf Coast Records.