Luis Morrison, ‘Ultraviolet’

Words By Joey Rochert.

‘Ultraviolet’, Luis Morrison’s debut single, can’t go wrong! The singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom’s Midlands does things his way, and the sounds he creates have us clinging to the speakers like chewy on the bottom of a sneaker.

The crunchy guitars catch our attention with their virility, and the bass lead and drum beat have us tapping our feet long after the song has ended. Luis has a great voice, and despite this being his first release, he does not sound inexperienced. Furthermore, he possesses a level of skill comparable to that of the game’s best players, and if he continues on this road, he will be giving the chart-toppers a run for their money.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Luis Morrison.

Kenton Place, ‘Haley’s Comet’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kenton Place are back and bigger than ever with their new release, ‘Haley’s Comet’. It is a track that stands out among today’s contemporary noise and leaves an impression from the first listen.

Fusing heavy rock with modern hooks, Kenton Place smash the walls down with verve. They have an irrefutable sound, and the melody comes catchier than a fisherman’s net.

As the track progresses, we hear a wide range of sounds popping to the surface. The vocals are solid, and the crunchy guitar solo kicks us into shape.

You can take a listen below.

Photo Credit: k.

Kenton Place, ‘Done With You’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Kenton Place’s ‘Done With You’ exemplifies how rock is best when played loud. The song is a show-stopper, drawing us in and not letting go once it begins!

Kenton Place

The band, which hail from the United States, do not hold back with their forward-thinking outlook. They take cues from some of rock’s biggest stars, but they still manage to carve out a unique niche for themselves! It’s impressive for all the right reasons, and one can only imagine how powerful it’d be at a festival!

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Kenton Place.

Schmuck, ‘Stoking The Unrest’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Schmuck’s latest album, ‘Stoking The Unrest,’ is gaining attention for all the right reasons. It is a well-made record featuring everything for individuals who appreciate fresh sounds combined with a nostalgic quality.


The entire album forges a new path for rock music. It also doesn’t stay in one position, making it even more indenting. Furthermore, this isn’t your typical rock performance, and it incorporates a variety of styles, including DNB, to create a rather stimulating texture!

The vocals stand out, the music is hot, and the production excellence shines through each track.

Photo Credit: Schmuck.

Raphael Klemm, ‘Sorry Dear World’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With his latest single, ‘Sorry Dear World,’ Raphael Klemm brings back nostalgic vibes. Furthermore, the release has a 90’s rock vibe, but there are plenty of new hooks to keep him current in today’s game.

Raphael Klemm

The entire track is musically engaging, and the chorus takes it to a whole new level of sophistication. The refrain’s hook is indenting, and Raphael backs it up with a captivating vocal delivery. He has a lot of energy and gives the bigger hits a run for their money in terms of performance.

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Raphael Klemm.

Olly E, ‘Rise Above’

Words By Joey Rochert.

With ‘Rise Above,’ Olly E, the rocker who needs no introduction, returns more vital than ever. It’s a solo effort from the British musician and composer, and as it progresses, he creates an atmosphere that’s easy to get lost in quickly.

A bright guitar tone opens the tune, pinching the ears with a bite for the right reasons. It gradually builds to the first stanza, where Olly shows that he is up to the task. The track appears to be heading straight towards the drop from the start, but Olly, being the mastermind, decides to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Olly E

Olly has a unique vocal timbre that is difficult to compare to others in the scene. We can draw parallels with artists who have previously risen to prominence, such as Placebo’s frontman, but he is in a class by himself in terms of style. This unique creative approach makes him stand out, and it will be impossible to place him amid any of the innumerable tracks published to DSPs regularly.

The refrain in ‘Rise Above’ is catchy, and all of the sounds blend seamlessly. The drums pound furiously, and the guitar riffs speed up, making the track a strong stadium filler. Also, the bass manages to make its way out of the frantic mix, and no sound is lost, which is a testament to Olly’s mixing talent.

Olly generally fills the vocal space with his lead delivery. Therefore there aren’t many supporting harmonies. As is sometimes the case with tracks like this, but a little additional backing at certain parts would have been fantastic!

Photo Credit: Olly E

Mike Zito, ‘Resurrection’

Words By Max Jordan.

Mike Zito is on flying form with his new album, ‘Resurrection.

Full of punchy blues gems, this new album is a record not to forget. It is bold, and the fearless deliveries from Mike leaves an indent. His vocals are off the wall, and he proves why he is one of the greatest singer-guitarists in this space.

‘Resurrection’ consists of 11 blues soul tracks; the entire album reflects his quality. He is fresher than a bag of apples!

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Mike Zito.

Age Of Destitute, ‘Voiceless’

Words By Max Jordan.

New-Zealand based soft-rockers Age Of Destitute impress with their new single, ‘Voiceless’, taken from their upcoming EP.

It is a timeless track with a flow that leaves an indent. Also, it paves the way forward for this genre with an impressive soundscape. Vocally, lead singer Rez is a breath of fresh air, and he invites the listener in with his welcoming tone.

Musically, the entire track is radiant with guitar hooks rising out of the mix and a beat that is an instant foot-tapper.

You can listen to ‘Voiceless’ by Age Of Destitute below.

Final Void, ‘Symphony Of Lies’

Words By Max Jordan.

Finnish rockers and Final Void are back with ‘Symphony Of Lies’ and unleash the power with omnipotence.

It starts with vigour, and the band do not disappoint with one of the most potent rock overtures to grace the airwaves in recent times. Furthermore, the guitar cuts through with bite, and the vocals hit home with an edge that is challenging to locate elsewhere.

As the track progresses, the sound becomes even more intense, and they leave the listener gripping on for dear life.

You can check out ‘Symphony Of Lies’ By Final Void below.

Charmian Devi, ‘Radio Of None’

Words By Max Jordan.

Charmian Devi recruits some of the biggest music names for her new alt-rock release, ‘Radio Of None’.

The all-star line up includes Lenny Kaye, Tony Garnier, Steve Shelley and Brian Marsella. Each provide a unique edge to the mix, and Charmian bolsters all arrangements with a mesmerising vocal performance.

Fearless with her approach, Charmian soars to the top, and she showcases harmonically rich tones with a flavour that is uncomparable in the modern scene.

You can listen to ‘Radio Of None’ by Charmian Devi below.