Julia Thomsen, ‘Saranghae’

Words By Joey Rochert.

We are utterly mesmerised by the most recent piece that Julia Thomsen has created, which is titled ‘Saranghae’. This song by Julia is really breathtaking, and it is well deserving of a place among the very best examples of its sort that can be found. Julia manages to capture the peacefulness of the environment around us, providing us with a brief relief from the craziness of our days and allowing us the opportunity to unwind and have a more optimistic outlook on the world.

On ‘Saranghae’, which is a continuation of her past releases, she displays her fervent playing on the piano, and we witness her once more finding her way into our hearts. She is a consistent composer who also pushes the boundaries of not just the modern classical genre but also her own discography.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.