Kingdumb, ‘Lion In My Heart’

Words By Joey Rochert.

We cannot refuse a vibe, and it is coming from Kingdumb’s latest delivery, ‘Lion In My Heart’. The rapper and producer from the UK are roaring here, and he provides the energy with a sound that stands out instantly!

Motivational with its aura, ‘Lion In My Heart’ is the antidote for all those looking for a kick! It starts with vitality, and the passion does not waiver as Kingdumb progresses through his performance. The beat taps with eagerness, and the synth sounds loop around the mix with pleasing texture!

Lyrically, Kingdumb is a poet, and his story tells us that anything is possible; it is a track about mindset and Kingbumb blazes with his delivery.

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Photo Credit: Kingdumb.