Ervin Munir, ‘Fall Apart’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Ervin Munir is to release a new single on the 28th of April. The new single, titled, ‘Fall Apart’, is a reworked version of a song that was first written in 2014. The new arrival has undergone a number of adjustments and upgrades, such as the inclusion of new instruments and a production quality that is up to par with the requirements of the music industry in 2023.

‘Fall Apart’ is a fusion of folk and rock that digs into the challenges of going through important life transitions. The track emphasises the significance of standing up for one’s principles, and it is a musical adventure that revolves around an arrangement that has a guitar being plucked. In the midst of the heart-warming harmonica lines and stirring harmonies, Aeron Z. Jones also emerges with lap-steel guitar hooks.

You can pre-save here.

Photo Credit: Ervin Munir.