Thomas Atlas, ‘Juice’

Words By Olivia Anderson.

Birmingham based Thomas Atlas brings the jazzy funk with his latest release, ‘Juice’.

The new release is catchy and melodic, and Thomas delivers a feel-good delight to the world. His music is energising, and you don’t have to be a considerable funk enthusiast to enjoy it. Furthermore, with nail-biting hooks that are compelling, he adds a poppy atmosphere to the top.

Thomas Atlas’ vocals shine brightly from the start and continue to grow as the song develops. Furthermore, the accompanying background adds weight to Thomas’s already robust voice, creating a captivating environment for everybody to appreciate.

‘Juice’ is also influenced by blues funk. The guitar has a lively rhythm that goes well with the lyrics. The bass texture properly shakes the speakers, and the constantly changing drum pattern keeps the party going from beginning to end.

His band, too, soars to new heights. The instrumentalists’ contributions have a distinct quality to them. Everyone who worked on this tune has their chance to shine; also, as the song progresses, all of the guns fire and the guitar lead rips through the compound, leaving the listener wanting more.

Overall, ‘Juice’ improves with each play. It never gets old, and it will continue reverberating through speakers for the rest of the year. But, to keep his brand developing, Thomas Atlas will need even more spectaculars like this one; mind you, if this track is any indication, he won’t have any trouble keeping the hook tight.

You can grab a copy of his vinyl on Rough Trade here.

Photo Credit: Thomas Atlas