Hip Hop

Complex Releases ‘Where We Came From’

Words by Max Jordan.

Complex is one of the freshest names to come out of the UK Hip Hop game in recent times. But, he does stick to the norm. He blends a pleasant mix of pop with a funky beat which will grip you and not let you go.

His new release ‘Where We Came From’ is testament to the musicians quality. It has a sense of nostalgia with influences from yesteryear being very much present. But, he also brings a contemporary vibe with a vocal which is profound in its own right.

It kicks off with a smooth intro with a heavenly backing vocal being present. We are then with a robust performance from Chris Peevor, also known as Complex. He speaks with his heart on his sleeve, and he does not mince any of his words. The story is about talking about the past. Looking back at the streets where we all hail. He speaks volumes with his lyrical prowess, and it is a track which will take you on an unforgettable journey.