Lime Juice Unleash ‘Quietude’

Words by Ava Jordan.

Lime Juice are back. Their new track ‘Quietude’ comes bigger and bolder than ever before with a melody which will get even your grandpa tapping his foot.

Cleverly, the band combine a contemporary indie sound with good old nostalgia making the mix too for good measure. The track kicks off with a sublime rhythm guitar strumming away, and a steady drum hit. Vocally the singer then greets us with open arms. Taking us on an adventure, the group get their message across very well, and it is difficult not to find yourself gripping onto the record for dear life.

The track builds, and before we know it, we are in with all guns blazing with a chorus which could fill a stadium twice over. But, the excitement does not stop there. Lime Juice shrewdly introduce new sounds into the mix with a guitar lead appearing sharper than serpents tooth.

Musically, the group take no hostages with every one of them adding their own unique touch. You can check out ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below.