Meg Lawrenson Brings The Indie Feel-Good

Words by Max Jordan.

Meg Lawrenson has a remarkable sound, and I cannot get enough of it. She is fresh off the back of her release ‘Use My Body’, and it is an Indie Pop anthem which boasts charisma and passion.

It all gets underway with a strong intro. We hear an indie sound opening with a robust guitar lead and thumping drum section taking the limelight. But, we are then with a sublime vocal performance from Meg who captivates with each word she delivers. It swings more into a poppy and country vibe as it progresses and I hear influences from the greats including Swifty.

What I like most about this track is the variance and the myriad of flavours it provides. There is just about something for everyone; it has the rock edge but also the catchy pop which so many include myself relish. Overall, it is a top-quality release from Meg Lawrenson. You can listen to the new single ‘Use My Body’ below.