Amanda Marie Wilkinson, ‘Taking My Time’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson, a newcomer to the pop music scene in the United States, has released a new single called ‘Taking My Time.’ When it comes to new singles, this one is right up there with the best.

Amanda also has an unmistakable charisma, and she gets her word out quickly and clearly, leaving no room for misunderstanding; her message is that she wants to do things her way. Amanda believes that modern life is too stressful, and she wishes for happier times.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Musically, it all starts with an overture that builds to a climax with a powerful piano solo. A synth serves as the focal point in the opener, and Amanda’s mesmerising vocals pave the road forward. Amanda has a razor-sharp edge about her that is uncommon to come by these days. Furthermore, her voice has a strong presence, and she ditches the robotic effect, which was audible in her last release, ‘Spiritual Level’.

This music appeals to me since it changes shape frequently, with the mix taking a new turn in the middle. The beat also jumps in with a modern style, and it has a heavenly sound towards the finish, giving the entire song a whole new depth.

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Photo Credit: Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Mike Brew, ‘Somedays’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Mike Brew is a class act, and his new single ‘Somedays’ demonstrates his vocal and lyrical prowess. He brings a mixture of sounds to the table, which distinguishes him as one of the best new performers to come from Liverpool’s thriving music scene.

The musician opens his release with a joyful guitar beat with a warm and inviting resonance inside its intonation, indicating his willingness to attempt something new. It also works well with a string arrangement, and once the harmonic strings join the mix, it’s difficult not to be drawn in by the release’s intensity.

Mike Brew

Mike contributes to the atmosphere with a sensitive yet confident vocal performance, and his lyrical journey leaves us thinking deeply. The storyline isn’t overt, but this procedure allows everyone to form their own opinions about the message. Many will agree, though, that he is reminiscing about days when you feel alive. He also looks into mental health and looks forward to better days.

The bottom groove, which binds the entire composition together, is another standout feature. It shines brighter on a speaker configuration that enables lower frequencies to travel through more freely; nonetheless, it still gleams and gives the music the low groove it wants, even on conventional speakers.

On this record, I can also detect minor influences from some of Liverpool’s greats, such as John Lennon. However, you must dig deep to hear his influences properly.

You can take a listen to the new single ‘Somedays’ by Mike Brew below. Also, be sure to follow Mike Brew on his official social media accounts. I am sure there will be plenty more gems like this one on the way very soon; well, let’s hope so anyway because this one is a treat. Either way, 2021 is looking to be a very bright year for Mike Brew.

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Photo Credit: Mike Brew

Dave Kalz, ‘Mexico’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Dave Kalz returns with a new foot-stomping delight, ‘Mexico’, from his next album, ‘Relish’, out on June 25th via Gulf Coast Records.

With this first track from the next album, Dave hits the ground running vocally. With his distinct vocal quality pounding the cheeks with persistence, he draws us in from the first second. He talks about his time in Mexico, and his story expands as he continues through the song.

Dave smashes through the six-string, and his characteristic blues-rock grooves leap out of every area of the mix, in great form with his guitar delivery. The drum is powerful, and the product’s stadium atmosphere is unbeatable.

Grab some ‘Mexico’ below.

Gulf Coast official website.

Photo Credit: Dave Kalz.

Thomas Atlas, ‘Juice’

Words By Olivia Anderson.

Birmingham based Thomas Atlas brings the jazzy funk with his latest release, ‘Juice’.

The new release is catchy and melodic, and Thomas delivers a feel-good delight to the world. His music is energising, and you don’t have to be a considerable funk enthusiast to enjoy it. Furthermore, with nail-biting hooks that are compelling, he adds a poppy atmosphere to the top.

Thomas Atlas’ vocals shine brightly from the start and continue to grow as the song develops. Furthermore, the accompanying background adds weight to Thomas’s already robust voice, creating a captivating environment for everybody to appreciate.

‘Juice’ is also influenced by blues funk. The guitar has a lively rhythm that goes well with the lyrics. The bass texture properly shakes the speakers, and the constantly changing drum pattern keeps the party going from beginning to end.

His band, too, soars to new heights. The instrumentalists’ contributions have a distinct quality to them. Everyone who worked on this tune has their chance to shine; also, as the song progresses, all of the guns fire and the guitar lead rips through the compound, leaving the listener wanting more.

Overall, ‘Juice’ improves with each play. It never gets old, and it will continue reverberating through speakers for the rest of the year. But, to keep his brand developing, Thomas Atlas will need even more spectaculars like this one; mind you, if this track is any indication, he won’t have any trouble keeping the hook tight.

You can grab a copy of his vinyl on Rough Trade here.

Photo Credit: Thomas Atlas

Minna Ora, ‘Fire’

Words By Max Jordan.

Minna Ora bestows a gift to the music realm with her new release, ‘Fire’. The track is potentially Minna’s most compelling yet and grips with a narrative akin to no other in the modern arena.

Boasting her signature quality from the first second, Minna takes us on a journey, reflecting on the obstacles many experiences and overcoming even the arduous of blocks. It is heartfelt, and Minna speaks candidly about her struggles with cancer.

Musically, the entire track is stimulating with a captivating flow. Likewise, Minna towers over the mix with a sublime vocal which gets better with every listen.

You can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Minna Ora

Glitch Project, ‘Bloom’

Words By Max Jordan.

Glitch Project captivate with their new alt-pop release, ‘Bloom’. It is a track that reflects the world around us, with the duo speaking candidly about modern culture.

Lyrically, Glitch Project prove to be quite the wordsmiths with their narrative resonating instantly. Likewise, the vocals on display smash through the industry gates, and they stand out with vigour, so it is challenging to compare them to others in the same arena.

Additionally, the music foundation is stimulating, with many sounds rising out of the mix as it progresses.

You can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Glitch Project.

KAJA, ‘Polish Flowers’

Words By Max Jordan.

KAJA is as fresh as they come with ‘Polish Flowers’. The release is a testament to the upcoming starlets’ prowess, and she smashes it from the first second.

Opening the track is a bold piano arrangement that is quite the paradox of KAJA’s lead vocal, somewhat tender and sincere with a heavenly aura. Seamlessly though, the components synergise, and the foundation paves the way onward.

Vocally, KAJA is compelling, and she reveals a reflective narrative about life in her mother, Poland. Also, she does not hold back, and her performance leaves an impression that pulls us back in time and time again.

You can check out ‘Polish Flowers’ by KAJA below.

Photo Credit: KAJA.

Jennifer Porter, ‘Sun Come And Shine’

Words By Max Jordan.

Jennifer Porter captivates with her new delivery, ‘Sun Come And Shine’.

The delivery is instantly empowering with a soundscape that is unlike another in the current space. Vocally, Jennifer is on flying form, and she smashes through her performance with vitality.

Fusing many sounds into one, Jennifer creates a hybrid of blues and soul, and she takes a giant leap forward, leaving us itching to hit replay once it comes to its closing second.

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Porter.

Karuna, ‘Heartsease’

Words By Max Jordan.

Karuna are the up and coming folk group who delve into an unorthodox realm with ‘Heartsease’.

It is a release that is akin to no other in the modern space, given it a unique edge from the opening second. It opens with a dreamy vocal from frontwoman Abi, and although she speaks a message about modern society, she takes hints from early world music vocally.

As the track progresses, the soundscape opens up with welcoming arms, greeting us to an infectous fiddle and a captivating guitar rhythm.

You can check it out below.

Photo Credit: Karuna.

Mike Zito, ‘Resurrection’

Words By Max Jordan.

Mike Zito is on flying form with his new album, ‘Resurrection.

Full of punchy blues gems, this new album is a record not to forget. It is bold, and the fearless deliveries from Mike leaves an indent. His vocals are off the wall, and he proves why he is one of the greatest singer-guitarists in this space.

‘Resurrection’ consists of 11 blues soul tracks; the entire album reflects his quality. He is fresher than a bag of apples!

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Mike Zito.