Francesca Luker, ‘Almost Healed’

Words By Sam Wetherby.

Francesca Luker, from Bristol, is back with her latest single, ‘Almost Healed.’ Despite being in the early stages of her career, Francesca’s vocal abilities shine brilliantly, and you would feel mistaken thinking she is still fresh on the scene. Moreover, her performance is a revelation, delivering a poignant and powerful emotional journey that hits us from the first note.

‘Almost Healed’ is a track drenched in raw emotion, with Francesca’s passion oozing through the speakers. It gives a clear representation of the feelings one gets when overcoming some kind of difficulty and reaching a point where you can finally talk about it. As she continues to unveil her musical creations, Francesca Luker is on a trajectory that signals a promising career in the music industry and we are eager to hear her next!

Stream below. More updates from Francesca Luker here.

Photo Credit: Francesca Luker.