Thomas Cole And EJ Garlands, ‘Cringe’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Thomas Cole and EJ Garlands are two of the most exciting pop stars to jump out of the scene in some time. They have a charisma that is hard to come by, and they fill the air with excitement as soon as their new track, ‘Cringe’, kicks off.

Thomas Cole

The release is all about people maybe feeling cringed out by others being different. They advocate for welcoming difference and empower us with their strong message about accepting everybody around us. The music is uplifting, and there is so much going on within the mix that it is difficult to get it all down in one review.

Furthermore, a piercing dance structure pulls us from our seats, and the synths and thumping bass riff pulsate their way out of the speakers, leaving us clinging to the speakers.

Photo Credit: Thomas Cole.