Misty Shape Excite With Midnight Train

Words by Max Jordan.

Misty Shape are a rock band who you need to keep high on your radar. They deliver hits time and again and their new track ‘Midnight Train’ is testament to the band’s unforgivable talent.

They hail from Russia, and they delve into an area of the music industry which not many people go. They have an authentic rock vibe but yet provide heartfelt deliveries with infectous melodies. The new track ‘Midnight Train’ takes a slight paradigm shift for the up and coming group. They tend to go for a giant fuller rock sound but yet they tone it down here. I like what they are doing.

It kicks off with a jazzy guitar intro which provides massive sentiment. We are then in with a sublime vocal from the lead vocalist. I can almost touch her emotion in her strong performance. I can hear her passion oozing out, and it makes for a refreshing listen. We are then in with the signature rock sound which the band deliver so well. There is a huge drum beat and a James Bond-style chorus which will grip you within an instant.

Overall, it is an excellent song from Misty Shape. You can check it out for yourself below.