Hip Hop

Tanaka Makoni Smashes It With ‘Lust’

Words by Louise Sako.

East London female hip hop star Tanaka Makoni mesmerises with her new release ‘Lust’. So much so, I cannot get enough.

The track kicks off with a steady beat which grips from the get-go. I relish the angelic vocal harmony in the prelude section too because it instantly plucks away at the heartstrings.

Once we are out of the intro, Tanaka Makoni greets us with an unforgettable vocal performance with her singing with her heart firmly on her sleeve. She sings with genuine confidence, and it is hard not to get onto her wavelength with her infectious charm shining through like a beacon.

The chorus melody line is hugely poignant. It makes you grip to it with dear life, and Tanaka Makoni proves she is a hip hop heavyweight with her signature sound flying high with each word articulating well.

You can take a listen to ‘Lust’ by Tanaka Makoni below.