Rodney Hazard, ‘The Man From Nowhere’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Rodney Hazard, a beat creator and producer, has captured our attention with the release of his new EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’.

‘The Man From Nowhere’, reflective and full of nostaglia, has the capacity to soothe us almost like a meditation session. The peaceful atmosphere is laced with hip-hop sounds and female voice layers that melt the ears! The opener, ‘Stardawg,’ kicks off the journey and whisks us away on an experience that will stay with us for a long time!

With a pulsing bass riff that kicks off the performance, ‘Rainforest’ is perhaps one of the EP’s most captivating tracks. The synths sparkle as the tune develops, and a groove rises to the top of the mix, demonstrating the artist’s versatility.

‘TwoWayCall’ is the EP’s final single to hit the airways, softly bringing us back down to earth!

Photo Credit: Rodney Hazard.