R n B

The Lucky 13s, ‘Gamble My Soul’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Who among you watched The Voice UK and remembers Jamie Johnson? In the 2014 competition, he advanced to the final round, and now, he and his band, The Lucky 13s, are once again at the forefront of the business. The band, who hails from the south of England, let out their pent-up fervour and bestowed upon us all their album ‘Gamble My Soul’.

It is a recipe for triumph, and the album contains just about everything for lots of different sorts of listeners. The record boasts 11 tracks, all of which explore into various parts of the scene with elements of R&B fusing with pop, and soulful hooks meeting bluesy leads.

Standing out is ‘Sweet Sweet Love’. The song has a cosy vibe, which helps to cheer us up during these cold winter days. Additionally, it demonstrates the stadium-filling vocal ability that Jamie possesses up to this point. Also, songs like ‘Gamble My Soul’ and ‘Hold On’ are two of our absolute favourites from this album!

Photo Credit: The Lucky 13s.