Julia Thomsen, ‘Travelling Through Wonders’

Words By Joey Rochert.

Julia Thomsen teams up with producer Marie for a one-of-a-kind remake of her standout composition, ‘Wonderness’. The new release, which is called, ‘Travelling Through Wonders’ reaches the pinnacle of beauty and leaves one in a state of relaxation.

For all of you who practise mindfulness meditation, this one is your golden ticket to a relaxing getaway! It is enchanting from the first note, and that aura of tranquillity does not fade away as it continues along its road of enchantment. The arrangement that Julia came up with is magnificent, and she is brimming with passion. In addition, Marie provides an additional layer of shine, resulting in a new vitality that contributes to the original.

‘Travelling Through Wonders’ is out on the 27th of January.

Photo Credit: Kingdumb.