Victoria Moralez Releases ‘Eyes Off The Prize’

Words by Max Jordon.

Victoria Moralez is a new name to me. I was not aware of her discography before listening to this track, and I am still wondering why I have not come across her sooner. She has a sound which shines like a beacon, and she stands out truly on her own with her mesmerising quality.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ is a pop gem which ignites the pop flame more profoundly. She takes an innovative approach with her music, and it makes for a refreshing listen. For me, the vocals are flying high with Victoria hitting all the right notes tremendously well.

The highlight in the track is the chorus which truly cements itself deep. It has a contemporary feel but yet also provides a lot of nostalgia from yesteryear for good measure. Overall, it is a top-class performance which I will be keeping close for quite some time.

You can listen to ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ by Victoria Moralez below.